Sellers beware

Sellers beware

CAVEAT venditor. For homeowners who haven't brushed up lately on their Latin, the phrase means, "Let the seller beware." And if you own a home in a Philadelphia neighborhood where gentrification is all the buzz and real-estate investors are circling like buzzards, then you might want to heed that warning. Especially if you've come home to find postcard-size green or yellow cards shoved under your front door or in your mailbox.
Robbery duo was 'ready for war,' po...

Robbery duo was 'ready for war,' police say

Cops shot one suspect, continued to search for the other.
O'Brien bill seeks to fix cracks at...

O'Brien bill seeks to fix cracks at L&I

City Council’s L&I Committee approves protocols for dealing with dilapidated, abandoned and dangerous big commercial buidlings.
Toe-squeezing incident nails S. Jer...

Toe-squeezing incident nails S. Jersey man

Mount Laurel Police say Derrick Johnson Jr. told his victim that he’s “obsessed with toes.”
Resources for untangling titles

Resources for untangling titles

If you have a tangled title, here are some numbers to call to get legal help.
Rainy morning car wrecks claim live...

Rainy morning car wrecks claim lives of 2 in Philadelphia

Two people were killed in separate car crashes on City Avenue and Martin Luther King Drive yesterday morning.


Universal Studios character alleged...

Universal Studios character allegedly aimed sexist slurs at teen girls during Halloween Horror Nights

Two young girls say they were called an inappropriate name by a character at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights.
Urlacher: Jay Cutler hasn't produce...

Urlacher: Jay Cutler hasn't produced

Jay Cutler is the highest-paid quarterback this season and Brian Urlacher says that's the only thing elite about his former teammate.
Hockey fans sing Canadian anthem fo...

Hockey fans sing Canadian anthem following shooting in Ottawa

No voice was silent in this touching ice ode to our neighbors up north.
VIDEO CHAT with Rothman Institute- ...

VIDEO CHAT with Rothman Institute- TOPIC: Rapid Recovery After Hip and Knee Replacement

The Rothman Institute physicians focus their skills solely on their specialty areas.
Massive cheating scandal at UNC inv...

Massive cheating scandal at UNC involved athletes

Bogus classes and automatic A's and B's are at the heart of a cheating scandal at the University of North Carolina that lasted nearly two decades, encompassing about 3,100 students - nearly half of them athletes.
Former Philadelphia traffic judge b...

Former Philadelphia traffic judge being charged in bribery case

A former Philadelphia traffic court judge is being charged with bribery for allegedly taking a Tiffany bracelet in an undercover sting.


Philadelphia: Woman sentenced to 15...

Philadelphia: Woman sentenced to 15 years for sex trafficking adult, minor females.

Rashidah Brice, a/k/a "Camille," a/k/a "Milly," 25, of Chester, PA, was sentenced today to 185 months in prison for sex trafficking females for prostitution. Brice pleaded guilty on August 20, 2013, to sex trafficking of a minor by force and two counts of sex trafficking by force.

Philadelphia LGBT liaison dies

Philadelphia LGBT liaison dies

"She was a clear, strong voice to the LGBTQ community in Philadelphia and across America," said Mayor Michael Nutter in an Oct. 19 statement that announced Casarez's passing. Casarez, a native Philadelphian, was the coordinator of the LGBT Center at the University of Pennsylvania and the executive director of the Gay and Lesbian Latino AIDS Education Initiative before joining the Nutter administration in 2008 when he created the city's Office of LGBT Affairs.

Sonia Sanchez and Peace Mural honor...

Sonia Sanchez and Peace Mural honored by Granny Peace Brigade Philadelphia

Members of the Granny Peace Brigade Philadelphia paid tribute to former Poet Laureate of Philadelphia, Sonia Sanchez, at a concert in honor of the mural, "Peace is a Haiku Song", at Broad and Christian Streets, Philadelphia, on Sunday, October 12th. The concert featured several choral and jazz pieces inspired by the mural, which was painted by Josh Sarantitis and Parris Stancell, in 2012, under the auspices of the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program.

2015 One Book, One Philadelphia Sel...

2015 One Book, One Philadelphia Selection: Orphan Train by Christina...

Now in its 13th season, this literacy initiative encourages the entire greater Philadelphia region to come together through reading and discussing the same book. Running from January 22 through March 19, 2015, the One Book, One Philadelphia program will include more than 100 related events inspired by the featured selections, including panel discussions, film screenings, musical performances, and more.

Ex-police dispatcher sentenced to 1...

Ex-police dispatcher sentenced to 14 months in tow-truck bribery

AT FIRST, Dorian Parsley shrugged. The former civilian police dispatcher seemed at a loss for words at her sentencing hearing before a federal judge.

Last ride for popular Philly dirt b...

Last ride for popular Philly dirt biker

TINDLEY TEMPLE United Methodist Church's stained-glass windows vibrated around Kyrell Tyler's casket as hundreds of dirt bikes, ATVs and motorcycles revved outside on Broad Street yesterday, ready to roll for one of their own. Tyler, 23, a well-known stunt rider known as "DirtbikeRell" on various social-media sites, was shot and killed on Oct. 14. His body was found in a Chevy Monte Carlo near 60th Street and Greenway Avenue in Southwest Philadelphia.

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