Political Animals: 7 Ways Congress...

Political Animals: 7 Ways Congress Is Trying to Destroy the Endangered Species Act

Freedom to Marry, Religious Instit...

Freedom to Marry, Religious Institute to Host National Weekend of Prayer

Thousands Demand Teachers Union End...

Thousands Demand Teachers Union End Partnership with Coca-Cola

Delays in Guantánamo Releases: Repr...

Delays in Guantánamo Releases: Reprieve Comment

Bill that Supports LGBT Students Mo...

Bill that Supports LGBT Students Moves Through Committee

Pakistan Sets Execution Date for Ma...

Pakistan Sets Execution Date for Man Arrested as Juvenile

Russia's Vladimir Putin says his ma...

Russia's Vladimir Putin says his marriage is over

Source: [b]BBC[/b] Russian President Vladimir Putin and his wife Lyudmila have said their marriage is over. The couple, who had been married for 30 years, made their divorce public on Russian state television after attending a ballet performance. "It was a joint decision, we hardly ...
Christie expected to name Lautenber...

Christie expected to name Lautenberg successor

Source: [b]News12 NJ[/b] New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie appears poised to name a temporary successor to the late U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg. The governor has scheduled a 1:30 p.m. news conference in Trenton. However, the announcement did not specify a topic. Lautenberg died Monday a...
George Zimmerman wants ‘inflammator...

George Zimmerman wants ‘inflammatory terms’ banned from trial

Source: [b]Yahoo News[/b] George Zimmerman wants ‘inflammatory terms’ banned from trial The Lookout By Jason Sickles, an arrives for a pretrial hearing on Thursday. (Joe Burbank/Getty) “Profiled” “Vigilante” “Self-appointed Neighborhood Watch Captain” “Wannabe cop” Suspec...
Swimming Champion, Movie Star Esthe...

Swimming Champion, Movie Star Esther Williams Dies

Source: [b]ABC News[/b] By BOB THOMAS Associated Press LOS ANGELES June 6, 2013 (AP) Esther Williams, the swimming champion turned actress who starred in glittering and aquatic Technicolor musicals of the 1940s and 1950s, has died. She was 91. Williams's died early Thursday in h...
Syria Hails Qusair Capture as Fores...

Syria Hails Qusair Capture as Foreshadowing Rebel Defeat

Source: [b]Bloomberg[/b] The Syrian governmment’s capture of al-Qusair is a “strategic turning point” marking the beginning of the end for the armed opposition, Syria’s premier said, as the army promised mercy for surrendering rebels. Retaking the city opens the door “for successive vi...
Lindsey Graham ‘glad’ NSA collectin...

Lindsey Graham ‘glad’ NSA collecting phone records

Source: [b]Yahoo News[/b] Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said on Thursday morning he's "glad" the National Security Agency is secretly collecting millions of telephone records from Americans in an effort to track down terrorism suspects. “We are very much under threat," Graham said on "F...


PoltiFact: Bill Maher Right About T...

PoltiFact: Bill Maher Right About The Estate Tax

“More astronauts have been to the moon than farmers who paid the inheritance tax in 2013.” –Bill Maher Conservatives often try to make it appear that tax their tax and economic plans are for the good of others when in reality they are supporting the ultra-wealthy. Their arguments against what they call “the death tax” […]
Questions On Clinton Foundation Con...

Questions On Clinton Foundation Contributions And Speaking Fees May Bring About Further Fall In Polls For Clinton

Recent coverage of the Clinton scandals will hopefully put an end to the conservative myth of a liberal media which will lie and twist the news to promote Democratic candidates at the expense of Republicans. Much of the “liberal” media is demonstrating that they are just as likely to cover evidence of unethical behavior among […]
David Letterman?s Take On Hillary C...

David Letterman?s Take On Hillary Clinton?s Announcement Video

There have already been many comments about the vacuousness of Hillary Clintons’s announcement video (along with her entire campaign so far). Ruth Marcus called it “a Verizon commercial without the substance.” David Letterman had a unique take on it last Friday–video above and transcript below: Hillary Clinton made her long-awaited announcement earlier this week to […]
Good News In Polls On Obamacare, Ob...

Good News In Polls On Obamacare, Obama, And The Economy

There is some favorable news in a couple polls out today. A Kaiser Health Tracking Poll shows that the number who view the Affordable Care Act favorably or unfavorably is now evenly split, with 43 percent having a favorable view and 42 percent unfavorable. This remains within the margin of error and, while still lower […]
New Book Questions Donations To Cli...

New Book Questions Donations To Clinton Foundation

Donations to the Clinton Foundation has long been a source of concern to critics of the Clintons on both the left and right. A new book by a conservative author, but which is claimed to be well-sourced, is likley to create further problems for the Clinton campaign, especially in light of an unusual deal in […]
Martin O?Malley and Jim Webb Faced ...

Martin O?Malley and Jim Webb Faced The Media But Hillary Clinton Continues To Avoid The Press

Martin O’Malley appeared on Face the Nation today, telling Bob Schieffer that he plans to decide by the end of May as to whether he plans to run against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. Schieffer asked him why he plans to run: O’MALLEY: Because I believe that our country faces big challenges. And I […]


Why Don't Americans Want to 'Soak t...

Why Don't Americans Want to 'Soak the Rich'? It's a Trick Question -- FAIR

The fact is, Americans DO want tax the rich more. ...looking at polling over time on taxing the wealthy, what's striking is how consistently popular it is.
The tragedies in the Middle East an...

The tragedies in the Middle East and Ukraine:" Who can de-claw the cat?

Deena Stryker commented on my recent article sub-titled 'Canaries in a coal mine.' She wrote, "I agree with the premise of this article, but wonder what the next step will be when journalists have named the culprit as being our plutocracy." This is, indeed, a question well worth wondering about. It is easy to fantasize about how we would like to see the cat de-clawed, but extremely difficult to conceive of a strategy for doing
Obama's "Openness" and Deceit

Obama's "Openness" and Deceit

President Obama claims to value "openness" as a core principle of democracy, but the truth is that his administration has been among the most secretive and manipulative in modern times, tailoring what the public hears about foreign crises to what serves his agenda, writes Robert Parry.
A "Path To Yes" On Trade, But Paul ...

A "Path To Yes" On Trade, But Paul Ryan Blocks It

Trade can work for all stakeholders and can be a tool to lift general prosperity, democracy, environmental protection and the general welfare on all sides of trade borders. But to do that would require beginning with a process that has those stakeholders at the table, with those issues as the objectives of the negotiations.
Rewarding "Flu" Farmers With Our Ta...

Rewarding "Flu" Farmers With Our Tax Dollars

Why does the government "compensate" inhumane and unhygienic farming practices?
Cities And States Paying Massive Se...

Cities And States Paying Massive Secret Fees To Wall Street

Currently, about 9 percent -- or $270 billion -- of America's $3 trillion public pension fund assets are invested in private equity firms. If CEM's calculations are applied uniformly, it could mean taxpayers and retirees may actually be paying double -- more than $10 billion a year.

Obama makes his case for TPP in wee...

Obama makes his case for TPP in weekly address

Right now, on an uneven playing field. Where the rules are different. And that?s why America has to write the rules of the global economy ? so that our workers can compete on a level playing field. President Obama made his case for the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership in this morning's weekly address, clearly feeling the pressure of skeptics and the need to reassure some of his usual allies on the left, most directly by acknowledging the past failure of such trade pacts to protect American workers.

This time, he claims, the deal is different. "I understand why a lot of people are skeptical of trade deals," he told listeners. "Past deals didn't always live up to the hype. They didn't include the kind of protections we're fighting for today." The specifics he pointed to in TPP that make this deal different:

It?s the highest-standard trade agreement in history. It?s got strong provisions for workers and the environment ? provisions that, unlike in past agreements, are actually enforceable. If you want in, you have to meet these standards. If you don?t, then you?re out. Once you?re a part of this partnership, if you violate your responsibilities, there are actually consequences. And because it would include Canada and Mexico, it fixes a lot of what was wrong with NAFTA, too. He closed his address with more general reassurances and reminders of benefits his administration has already put in place for workers: So this isn?t a race to the bottom, for lower wages and working conditions. The trade agreements I?m negotiating will drive a race to the top. And we?re making sure American workers can retool through training programs and community colleges, and use new skills to transition into new jobs. To read the transcript in full, check below the fold or visit the White House website.
This week in science: she's a witch...

This week in science: she's a witch!

Will the real Mike Rogers (R-AL) please stand up? Because there's a fire and brimstone Mike Rogers who hates him some commie leader and likes to wax elegantly on a certain president who purportedly cowers most cowardly before Putin's manliness:

"[Putin] breaks treaties, he invades countries and then stations his nuclear forces on their soil, and he cozies up to terrorist regimes ... What's next? Who's next? Concessions on missile defense and arms control only emboldened the former KGB officer." ?The world is more dangerous than ever, and under the President?s lead-from-behind policy, [Putin's] ballistic missile and nuclear weapons technology is spreading.   Holy ICBMs, Mike! How can we stop our feebleminded president from appeasing Putin's mad quest for power, leverage and advanced missile technology? There is a markup session tomorrow at 12:00 pm EDT with the House Armed Services Committee's Subcommittee on Strategic Forces Markup. It certainly looks like Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL) is trying to slip in language that would allow more Russian-built RD-180 engines to be purchased using tax dollars at the same time when Rogers is (otherwise) actively promoting policies that would punish the exact same sector of Russia's economy for actions in Ukraine and Iran, treaty violations, and other bad behavior. I've seen better' "logic" exercised by a bunch of Monty Python characters and an actress wearing a carrot for a nose. You can actually now take a course on dealing with climate change deniers. GMO humans? Looks like China went there. NASA to undertake comprehensive search of for life on other worlds. Tomorrow on Sunday Kos, I'll be reviewing the basics of drones and drone warfare. This was in the works before the tragic news of friendly unmanned fire broke on Thursday. Come prepared. And here's a snippet from a related project we're working on for next month: After surviving over 200 missions flying over hostile territory and more close calls than he can remember, for the first time, Major Tommy Egan is about to become a casualty of war. Ironically, in a war he?s fighting from half a world away while in absolutely no danger. The pocket shark is adorable! Via the Bad Astronomer (where vaccines still don't cause autism): the cloud isn't expanding! What you are seeing by Hubble time lapse from 2002 to 2006 is a pulse of light move through and light up the invisible outer sections as it goes. This is about as close to literally seeing the speed of light over interstellar distances as it gets:
Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Of AIP...

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Of AIPAC and neocons

The Nation:

A piece today in Bloomberg View headlined the fight between the Israel lobby and the Republican über-hawks as "Aipac vs. Pro-Israel Republicans." But it would more accurately be called "AIPAC vs. the Neocons." And we shouldn't forget for a moment that the bankrupt ideology of neoconservatism is behind these efforts; the line between leading neocons and this obstructionism is too easy to trace?and too laughably reminiscent of their misadventure in Iraq.

[Sen. Tom] Cotton, after all, is a protégé of neoconservative don Bill Kristol. And Kristol has come out firing at the Corker-Cardin compromise. In a Weekly Standard editorial later distributed by his attack-dog letterhead group the Emergency Committee for Israel (ECI), Kristol labeled the compromise bill "at worst misleading, at best toothless," denouncing Corker and "the leading establishment pro-Israel lobbying group"?AIPAC?for their support of it.

Shaun King had a lot to say on twitter about on Rekia Boyd. Read it here.
30. The injustice that States Attorney Anita Alvarez did to the family of #RekiaBoyd is unfathomable, tragic, infuriating, and criminal. ? @ShaunKing
Politico: It?s not hard to get political reporters started on how pols and their flaks deny the press access, feed us talking points and, in some cases, flat-out lie. But every story has two sides (or a few), so in fair journalistic tradition, we asked a handful of outspoken politicians to critique the political press corps and tell us exactly what their beef is with the fourth estate. Does the relationship between politicians and the press need to be so confrontational? And when are reporters in the wrong? Here are four takes, from politicians who know the media?s spotlight well. More politics and policy below the fold.
Open thread for night owls: 'No evi...

Open thread for night owls: 'No evidence' climate change will be 'catastrophic', opines Charles Koch

Screenshot of YouTube video of Charles Koch.
A rising tide will lift my yacht.
Charles Koch is not a scientist, but he has a mountain of money and a controlling share in the Republican Party so to hell with the scientists. For the record, Koch says this of climate change: "You can plausibly say that CO2 has contributed" to the planet's warming, but he sees "no evidence" to support "this theory that it's going to be catastrophic." Meanwhile, in science. [W]e expect the water column thickness over the trough to increase by several meters per year to maintain hydrostatic equilibrium if thinning trends continue[1,2]. This could allow additional exchange between the TGIS and the ocean, accelerate ice-shelf thinning, and allow grounded ice to accelerate towards the coast. The availability of MCDW and recent accelerated mass loss support the idea that the behavior of Totten Glacier is an East Antarctic analogue to ocean-driven retreat underway in the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS). The global see level potential of 3.5 m flowing through Totten Glacier alone is of similar magnitude to the entire probable contribution of the [West Antarctic Ice Sheet] (ref 29). That is the newest analysis of the rapid thinning of just one melting Antarctic glacier?albeit a very, very big one. I suppose a potential sea level rise of 3.5 meters from one glacier alone is only "catastrophic" if you live anywhere on the planet where that might present a problem. Charles Koch, fortunately, does not, and one presumes he will be spending his planned extraordinary sums of campaign money on whichever of his preferred candidates can most credibly pledge that they do not see it as a problem either.

Jessica Torres:

It is becoming clear that journalists need to do a better job of pinning down the views of climate change deniers, particularly those with presidential aspirations. Press Think's Jay Rosen recently analyzed the different ways journalists choose to handle candidates who are climate changer deniers, and criticized The Washington Post for "normalizing" GOP presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz's (R-TX) climate denial. Rosen also cited The New York Times' environmental editor Adam Bryant, who stated: "[C]laims that the entire field of climate science is some kind of giant hoax do not hold water, and we have made a conscious decision that we are not going to take that point of view seriously."  

As David Roberts put it, "to reject mainstream government, academia, science, and media is to reject mainstream thought entirely."

Blast from the Past. At Daily Kos on this date in 2012?Rush Limbaugh censorship efforts attracts EFF attention:

As noted yesterday, the Rush Limbaugh Show is attempting to silence criticism of his treatment of Sandra Fluke by getting our video compilation of it pulled from YouTube. We re-uploaded the video to Vimeo (the embed above), and can obviously keep posting it in multiple places if Limbaugh's lawyers persist.

But there is still the question of YouTube?the Google outfit that has erroneously pulled the video. The great folks at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the nation's staunchest defenders of online freedoms, have taken notice.

While initiating frivolous legal processes to intimidate and silence critics is hardly new, Limbaugh actually seems to be taking a specific page out of the playbook of Michael Savage, his on-again/off-again compatriot and fellow conservative talk radio fixture. In 2007, Savage turned to copyright law in an ultimately futile attempt to silence the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) who did precisely what the Daily Kos has done here: post online a minutes-long montage of outrageous statements made by a radio host in order to criticize the host's behavior and expose it for a public audience. In Savage's case, he unsuccessfully sued CAIR for copyright infringement ... Limbaugh has (for now) chosen the more expeditious DMCA takedown route. Just as with Savage's ridiculous attempt to keep his own words from being used against him failed, though, so will Limbaugh's. EFF runs our Rush Limbaugh video through a Fair Use legal analysis, and like I said yesterday, it's not even close. It's about as clear a Fair Use situation as you can get. It's so cut and dry, actually, that there should be no reason for Google to play along with Limbaugh's censorship efforts. Tweet of the Day
The line outside the Supreme Court for the same-sex marriage cases -- still 4 days to go ? @lawrencehurley

On today's Kagro in the Morning show, Greg Dworkin noted the return of the "Clinton Rules," now with added Benghazi! Gop "fresh faces" sound like old faces. Rosalyn MacGregor on MI's Prop 1. Lynch votes, explained. Can hipsters make unions & biz governance retro cool?

High Impact Posts ? Top Comments The Evening Blues
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Median household income slides a bi...

Median household income slides a bit in March. Still thousands below the 2002 and 2008 highs

median household income
Median household income slipped in March, according Sentier Research, which publishes monthly updates from Census Bureau data. At Advisor Perspectives, Doug Short synopsizes the report and produces some explanatory charts that he's given me permission to republish.

On a month-by-month basis, nominal median household income was down $307 and up $1,104 when measured against last March. In real (inflation-adjusted) dollars, median income was down $436 month over month and up $1,116 year over year. That's a 2.1 percent yearly increase.

Although the economic recovery has boosted real median income well above its low point in August 2011, after nearly six years of expansion since the Great Recession, the real median is still $3,020 lower than its high point in January 2008. That's 5.3 percent less. And it's $3,125 below where it was in 2002.

Short notes:

real household income
Let's take a closer look at the monthly data since the end of the Great Recession. The adjacent chart highlights the real monthly median values since 2008. The right axis shows the same scale as the chart above?the percent change from the real household income value at the start of the 21st century. The March 2015 real median annual income is 4.6% below our turn-of-the-century starting point and 5.3% below its interim high in January 2008. [...]

As the excellent data from Sentier Research makes clear, the mainstream U.S. household was struggling before the Great Recession. At this point, real household incomes are in worse shape than they were in mid-2009 when the recession ended.

There is more analysis below the fold.
The military retirement system may ...

The military retirement system may need reform, but is privatization the best way?

Group of Navy people.
The current military pension system, in which you get a generous pension after 20 years of service but have no retirement plan if you serve 19 years, could use an overhaul. That doesn't mean that dumping the military into the kind of privatized, vulnerable to stock market crashes, 401(k) system that has so many Americans headed for poverty-stricken retirement is a good idea, but it's what the House Armed Services Committee is considering. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has also praised the idea.

Last month, Military Times reported that:

The plan would create 401(k)-style investment accounts for all troops and the government would offer up to 6 percent of basic pay for troops who contribute their own out-of-pocket money. Troops would own that investment account regardless of when they leave the military.

The commission's proposal would also give troops who reach 12 years of service a lump-sum retention bonus in exchange for a new four-year service commitment. The amount would likely vary by service and career field.

Carter did not mention another central ? and more controversial ? component of the proposal, which would shrink the size of the current pension by 20 percent.

Finding a way to get some retirement benefits to the 83 percent of enlisted personnel who do not stay in the military for 20 years is a good idea. But we know from experience that low-paid workers have trouble putting money in 401(k) accounts, and in this plan that would be required to get matching funds. And having your retirement at the mercy of the stock market is a risky prospect, as many Americans found out in 2008. Let's also be clear that, while this is being sold as a benefit to people in the military, there's a big upside for the government, which would save up to $4.7 billion per year. Wouldn't it be nice if the powers that be were talking about expanding retirement benefits to more people in a way that didn't also involve cuts?

Indonesian police use Shootings, ki...

Indonesian police use Shootings, killings, beatings, arrests on West Papuan independence rallies

Indonesian police have opened fire on peaceful protesters in Jayapura, with at least four gunshot wounds and one death. West Papuan activists and families have been forced to flee to the jungle for safety. Indonesian security forces are conducting scores of raids, sweeps and offensives against West Papuan civilians. The attacks are happening during the visit of National Police Chief General Sutarman with over 200 people arrested across West Papua. Journalists have also been attacked by Indonesian police according to Amnesty International...Read more at San Fransisco Bay Area Indymedia. The Indonesian Police chief says any plans to free Papua from Indonesia won't be tolerated, including Flag raising ceremonies on the West Papuan national Day, December 1st.

Calls for Independence by West Papuans have been made since the sham "Act of Free Choice in 1969". They have suffered a neglected genocide at the hands of the Indonesian military (2004) with continued Repression (2007). Thousands of Papuans took to the streets in 2010 and in 2011 rejecting special autonomy, demanding a referendum on independence. Indonesia plans to build 1,500 km of new roads in the next two years to accelerate ?development', increase military presence, and open up more illegal logging. Three Papuans highlighted the human rights abuses at the APEC meeting in Bali this year by scaling the Australian Consulate?s fence in the dead of night and hand-delivering a personal plea to open the Indonesian province to world scrutiny.

A new academic law and human rights report A slow-motion genocide: Indonesian rule in West Papua (PDF), details the extent of the genocide and abuse of human rights. (Review by Greenleft) Activists have called for Australia to End pragmatic complicity in West Papua in response to comments by new conservative Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Imprisoned Papuan leader Selpius Bobii also responded saying, "We Live In Terror, Mr Abbott".

Related: Waging Nonviolence: Flotilla unsettles Indonesia?s occupation of West Papua | West Papuan National Day Goes Global | West Papuans to join commemoration of Eureka Rebellion in Ballarat More Information: West Papua media Alerts | Freedom Flotilla

Civil Society stages mass walkout p...

Civil Society stages mass walkout protest from Warsaw Climate change negotiations

Civil society organisations abandoned the COP19 climate change negotiations in Warsaw on mass. Members from Greenpeace, Oxfam, WWF, Actionaid, Friends of the Earth, the International Trade Union Confederation (statement) and all started leaving the conference at 2pm. This is an unprecedented action, the first time several major civil society groups have staged a mass walkout.

Friends of the Earth International highlighted that the Warsaw Climate Change negotiations were failing, with Tension high in Warsaw talks as G77+China walk out. The role of Australia and reduced ambition of Japan  have been widely mentioned. Australia and Canada are seen as the major wreckers, but there has been substantial intransigence from much of the developed world to progressing the negotiations forward on finance, ambition, and a loss and damage mechanism. Poland's Coal Summit has shown the fossil fuel corporatism entwined in this COP with widespread dismay at the coal powered negotiations of COP19 and at UNFCCC official Christiania Figueres who gave the keynote speech at the coal summit 

Related: Democracy Now: "Nature Does Not Negotiate": Environmentalists Walk Out of U.N. Climate Summit in Warsaw | "Polluters Talk, We Walk": Civil Society Groups Abandon Warsaw Talks over Inaction on Global Warming | "We Have to Consume Less": Scientists Call For Radical Economic Overhaul to Avert Climate CrisisAnalysis: The Warsaw walkout and the Climate Movement

Canadians and Australians protest c...

Canadians and Australians protest climate wrecking policies and pipelines

The weekend of 16th and 17th November saw tens of thousands of people in Canada and Australia out in the streets in over 260 protests against the climate policies of these countries. Australia and Canada are seen as the major wreckers in Warsaw at COP19.

The Saturday protests in Canada occurred from coast to coast to Repulse Bay, Nunavut on the Arctic circle, more than 10,000 people gathered in over 180 events co-ordinated by Defend our Climate. Many protests focussed on stopping further expansion of the Alberta tar sands and pipelines to move the bitumenous oil south to Texas, east through Ontario and Quebec, and west through British Columbia. On Sunday, more than 60,000 people attended climate protests across Australia, protesting the attempt to repeal carbon pricing and clean energy programs by the conservative Government lead by Prime Minister Tony Abbott, elected on 7 September this year, who denied any link between climate change and bushfires as unusually early and intense bushfires raged around Sydney.

Civil Society NGO and local Polish activists also staged a Climate Justice march in Warsaw in association with the COP19 climate change negotiations taking place. Super Typhoon Haiyan set the initial mood at the negotiations with Philippines negotiator Naderev Saño (Yeb Saño) saying "time to take action. We need an emergency climate pathway". There is widespread dismay at the coal powered negotiations in Warsaw with Japan and Australia being particularly singled out.

Related: Australia Indymedia - Tens of Thousands rally for Climate Action across Australia

Typhoon Haiyan causes death and dev...

Typhoon Haiyan causes death and devastation in the Philippines

On November 8 Super Typhoon Haiyan made landfall over Guiuan, Eastern Sama province in the Philippines, destroying coastal communities with ferocious winds and a storm surge of 6-7 metres (up to 20 feet). According to Dr Jeff Masters "Haiyan had winds of 190 - 195 mph (315 km/h) at landfall, making it the strongest tropical cyclone on record to make landfall in world history."

Authorities of Tacloban City with a population of 220,000 and capital of Leyte province, gave an early estimate that perhaps 10,000 people died from this one city. Many people were surprised by the huge storm surge tidal waves that inundated much of the city. Many smaller coastal villages were also devastated with most buildings destroyed or suffering severe damage. According to the UN Reliefweb report on 14 November the number of affected people has increased to 11.8 million. The official death count from Typhoon Haiyan is currently 4,460 but with numbers still increasing. There were 921,200 people displaced and 243,600 houses destroyed. A total of 2.5 million people are in need of food assistance.

Related: Climate IMC: Typhoon Haiyan: This is a climate crime | Time for turning tears into anger says Walden Bello | Philippine groups demand action on climate finance, loss and damage in Warsaw climate talks | Ejected from COP19 for expressing solidarity to the Philippines | Youth observers expelled from UN climate change talks for Philippines Solidarity | Indybay: Super typhoon Haiyan is climate wake-up call | They destroy We suffer Statement on Yolanda?s AftermathNon-corporate Typhoon Haiyan Relief Efforts: Waves for Water | Haiyan NYC Relief Project | Doctors without Borders | Oxfam International

Mi'kmaq attacked by police and snip...

Mi'kmaq attacked by police and snipers

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and unidentified snipers attack Mi'kmaq women and elderly who were part of an anti-fracking encampment. Support pours in for Mi'kmaq attacked by police and snipers. Today, Monday, Mi'kmaq Warrior Tyson Peters shot with rubber bullet risks losing his leg after protecting woman from a bullet. [ From Global IMC Newswire ]
Global Warming impacts escalate as ...


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