Tests Find Monsanto?s Soy, Genetica...

Tests Find Monsanto?s Soy, Genetically Engineered for Heavy Pesticide Spraying, in Portland-Bought Infant Formula

ACLU Challenges Miami-Dade Housing ...

ACLU Challenges Miami-Dade Housing Restriction Forcing Former Sex Offenders to Live by Railroad Tracks

UK Urged to Take Action as Abducted...

UK Urged to Take Action as Abducted Brit Enters 5th Month of Ethiopian Detention

Sanders Reacts to Social Security A...

Sanders Reacts to Social Security Adjustment

CREW Sues EPA for Documents Regardi...

CREW Sues EPA for Documents Regarding 2014 Renewable Fuel Standards

Court Approves Flawed EPA Air Pollu...

Court Approves Flawed EPA Air Pollution Plan for ?Scenic Landscape? States

Russia's Vladimir Putin says his ma...

Russia's Vladimir Putin says his marriage is over

Source: [b]BBC[/b] Russian President Vladimir Putin and his wife Lyudmila have said their marriage is over. The couple, who had been married for 30 years, made their divorce public on Russian state television after attending a ballet performance. "It was a joint decision, we hardly ...
Christie expected to name Lautenber...

Christie expected to name Lautenberg successor

Source: [b]News12 NJ[/b] New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie appears poised to name a temporary successor to the late U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg. The governor has scheduled a 1:30 p.m. news conference in Trenton. However, the announcement did not specify a topic. Lautenberg died Monday a...
George Zimmerman wants ‘inflammator...

George Zimmerman wants ‘inflammatory terms’ banned from trial

Source: [b]Yahoo News[/b] George Zimmerman wants ‘inflammatory terms’ banned from trial The Lookout By Jason Sickles, an arrives for a pretrial hearing on Thursday. (Joe Burbank/Getty) “Profiled” “Vigilante” “Self-appointed Neighborhood Watch Captain” “Wannabe cop” Suspec...
Swimming Champion, Movie Star Esthe...

Swimming Champion, Movie Star Esther Williams Dies

Source: [b]ABC News[/b] By BOB THOMAS Associated Press LOS ANGELES June 6, 2013 (AP) Esther Williams, the swimming champion turned actress who starred in glittering and aquatic Technicolor musicals of the 1940s and 1950s, has died. She was 91. Williams's died early Thursday in h...
Syria Hails Qusair Capture as Fores...

Syria Hails Qusair Capture as Foreshadowing Rebel Defeat

Source: [b]Bloomberg[/b] The Syrian governmment’s capture of al-Qusair is a “strategic turning point” marking the beginning of the end for the armed opposition, Syria’s premier said, as the army promised mercy for surrendering rebels. Retaking the city opens the door “for successive vi...
Lindsey Graham ‘glad’ NSA collectin...

Lindsey Graham ‘glad’ NSA collecting phone records

Source: [b]Yahoo News[/b] Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said on Thursday morning he's "glad" the National Security Agency is secretly collecting millions of telephone records from Americans in an effort to track down terrorism suspects. “We are very much under threat," Graham said on "F...


Joni Ernst?s Defense Of Using Guns ...

Joni Ernst?s Defense Of Using Guns To Defend Her Rights, And To Use Government To Impose Her Views Upon Others

One of the reasons that the Republicans now have a better than even chance of taking control of the Senate is that there is the very real possibility that Joni Ernst will win in Iowa. We got another example of how extreme Ernst is from the manner in which she defended carrying guns: ?I have […]
Bruce Bartlett Argues That Obama Is...

Bruce Bartlett Argues That Obama Is A Republican

There’s nothing really new here, but it will be interesting to see conservative response to Bruce Bartlett’s article in The American Conservative entitled, Obama Is A Republican. The article is a rehash of how Obama’s record is actually quite conservative, clashing with the conservative myth that he is a socialist. He started with mentioning other […]
Political Polarization?How The Left...

Political Polarization?How The Left and Right Follow Different Sources For News

The Pew Research Center has released a study on Political Polarization and Media Habits. Most of their findings, summarized below, are as would be predicted: Overall, the study finds that consistent conservatives: Are tightly clustered around a single news source, far more than any other group in the survey, with 47% citing Fox News as […]
Beware Of Those Politicians Who Spr...

Beware Of Those Politicians Who Spread Fear?We Have No Reason To Fear Ebola As Long As We Respond Sensibly

A mood of fear is engulfing the country which might very well affect the midterm elections. Hopefully people will react rationally and reject the Republicans who promote unwarranted fears, play politics, and advocate for counterproductive responses such as travel bans. Unfortunately but this is not the probable response. As I discussed last week, even citing […]
SciFi Weekend: Doctor Who; Dr. Cott...

SciFi Weekend: Doctor Who; Dr. Cotton?s Bizarre Ideas, Boardwalk Empire & The Knick; DC and Marvel Movie Plans; Twin Peaks; The IT Crowd & Other British Adaptations

Flatline managed to provide an episode of Doctor Who which successfully combined elements of both horror and humor. While not a totally original idea, it was something not seen on Doctor Who before, and realistically few television shows manage to come up with ideas which have not been influenced by other works. Think of it […]
Republicans Attack Ebola Czar While...

Republicans Attack Ebola Czar While Blocking Surgeon General Nomination

On the surface, Republicans have been all over the place regarding the idea of a government official to coordinate handling of Ebola. For example, there’s John McCain. Back in 2009 he attacked Obama over having too many czars: Obama has more czars than the Romanovs – who ruled Russia for 3 centuries. Romanovs 18, cyberczar […]


John McCain's Terrorists

John McCain's Terrorists

John McCain may have been guilty of a ridiculous publicity stunt, but he certainly did not knowingly meet with a terrorist-affiliated group. Yet the fact that he did appear with these rebels -- presumably after receiving the imprimatur of whomever from the intelligence or spec-ops community was managing ground operations in Syria from the U.S. perspective--demonstrates just how murky the whole Syrian enterprise has become.
Rand Paul: The Most Interesting Con...

Rand Paul: The Most Interesting Conspiracy Theorist in Washington

As Rand Paul, the government-bashing tea partier moves toward a White House bid, journalists scrutinize his every wiggle and whisper. But one core component of his political personality has largely escaped exploration: The senator is close to being a full-blown conspiracy theorist.
Underdog with a Heart of Gold Leave...

Underdog with a Heart of Gold Leaves Lasting Legacy

It's hard to look back on Boo's life and not see some kind of hand of destiny at work. Starting as an abandoned, bullied puppy with disabilities, he then became a hero dog who brought so much joy to people and ended up jet-setting across the country for his television appearance--all with his usual unflappable placid approach to whatever life threw at him. I can only laugh at the unlikeness of it all.
Cops Freak Out Over Free Speech in ...

Cops Freak Out Over Free Speech in Vermont

When Mumia Abu-Jamal was the pre-recorded speaker at a Goddard College commencement in Plainfield, Vermont, in 2008, almost no one outside the Goddard community paid any attention. This year, when Goddard announced that students had chosen Mumia to do a return engagement at their graduation, Philadelphia police, politicians, media, and Fox News went crazy with angry rhetoric aimed at curbing free speech.
Citizenfour's Escape to Freedom in ...

Citizenfour's Escape to Freedom in Russia

An international community of resistance has formed against pervasive spying by the U.S. National Security Agency with key enclaves in Moscow (with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden) and in London (with WikiLeaks' Julian Assange), way stations visited by ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern.
Does Democracy Let "The Poor" Domin...

Does Democracy Let "The Poor" Dominate?

Many Republicans say that democracy makes people "dependent on government." The idea is that people (minorities in particular) are "takers" who vote for politicians who "give them free stuff" that the "makers" have to pay for. The poor are a "mob" of "takers" who will vote "goodies for themselves" and therefore need to be controlled and suppressed for their own good.

Open thread for night owls: Massach...

Open thread for night owls: Massachusetts comes in first again as the most energy-efficient state

energy efficiency
Click here to be transported to the interactive version of this map.
Anastasia Pantsios at Eco-Watch takes a look at the latest energy-efficiency ranking of U.S. states and cities: How does your state stack up when it comes to energy efficiency? The nonprofit American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) has just issued its eighth annual State Energy Efficiency Scoreboard, which assesses states based on policies that encourage energy savings, efficiency investments and jobs in the clean energy sector. So you can look it up.
?Conversations about energy use in the United States often revolve around the need to support the growth of our national economy by expanding the energy supply,? said ACEEE. ?In fact, however, we have a resource that is cleaner, cheaper and quicker to deploy than building new supply?energy efficiency. Energy efficiency improvements help businesses, governments and consumers meet their needs by using less energy. Efficiency saves money, drives investment across all sectors of the economy, creates jobs and reduces the environmental impacts of the energy production system.?

The winner for the third straight year is Massachusetts. As in 2013, it scored 42 points out of a possible 50. And it earned a perfect score for its utility policies and programs. It even includes policies that encourage a reduction in vehicle miles. [...]

?Massachusetts continues to lead the nation in energy efficiency,? says ACEEE. ?The state?s Green Communities Act, passed in 2008, set a long-term framework for energy efficiency as a first-priority resource. With other states close on its heels and committed to improving energy efficiency, Massachusetts will need to continue achieving high levels of savings in the utility sector, commit to continually updating building codes and work to better benchmark energy use in the private sector.? [...]

The study also rated cities, finding Boston to be the leader in its efforts to encourage better energy use. Portland, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, Washington, Minneapolis, Chicago and Philadelphia round out the top ten.

Blast from the Past. At Daily Kos on this date in 2008?There Is Just One America:

Barack Obama in Richmond, Virginia, on Wednesday, was making his closing argument, offering his vision of one America and affirming his view that we are all in this together: With the challenges and crises we face right now, we cannot afford to divide this country by race or class or region; by who we are or what policies we support. There are no real or fake parts of this country. We are not separated by the pro-America and anti-America parts of this nation - we all love this country, no matter where we live or where we come from. It's amazing?despite all of McCain's "Country First" bluster, it's actually Barack Obama who seems to have a better understanding of the great promise of this nation. Tweet of the Day
Joni Ernst's dilemma: remain silent & be thought a fool, or sit down with newspaper editors & remove all doubt #iasen ? @stevebenen
On today's Kagro in the Morning show: Emerging details from yesterday's attack in Ottawa. At least some air-dropped US weapons fell into ISIS hands. Neighbors battle over concealed carry on the way to school. And Armando can't stand it that no one seems to properly understand the nature of constitutional rights. The warrior cop supply chain makes you feel oh so safe. "The Criminalization of Schooling" raises some interesting & disparate points. Historical background on privatized prisons & revenue-driven courts: thief-takers. Sarah Palin's SarahPAC is still a champion middle-weight grifter. High Impact Posts. Top Comments
Economics Daily Digest: Complex reg...

Economics Daily Digest: Complex regulations, interest swaps, and backlash from the banks

By Rachel Goldfarb, originally published on Next New Deal

Click here to subscribe to Roosevelt First, our weekday morning email featuring the Daily Digest.

Dodd-Frank Spawns Software to Comprehend Dodd-Frank (Marketplace)

Sabri Ben-Achour speaks to Roosevelt Institute Fellow Mike Konczal and others about the complexity of the Volcker Rule. Mike says the scrutiny of the courts has created much of that complexity.

There are also a great many gray areas and exceptions for when activities are allowed or not allowed, says Mike Konczal, a fellow with the Roosevelt Institute.

?Volcker and Dodd-Frank wanted to make sure that banks could still do what we want them to do ? interact with clients, do market making, buy and sell things for their clients ? and what happens is a lot of that activity kind of blurs with proprietary trading,? he says. Another reason the rules have become complicated is that, simply put, a lot of people have sued.  The rules have had to become extra detailed to pass scrutiny.

"These rules from Dodd-Frank have come under extensive criticism in the courts,? says Konczal. ?We want that kind of scrutiny it?s important to have it, but it?s become so obsessive and so burdensome that it?s actually made the rules a lot clunkier than they need to be.?

Follow below the fold for more.

Fox News is suddenly concerned abou...

Fox News is suddenly concerned about election spending. Because unions, of course.

2012 Chicago Teachers Strike
Eeek! Teachers!
Goal Thermometer

Fox News has finally found a kind of election spending it finds worthy of comment. We're talking, naturally, about spending by teachers unions. "The teachers unions are on track to spend a record amount this cycle," Fox's Martha McCallum informed viewers, "with one union shelling out more in contributions than they have"?and here she began strenuously gesturing with a pointed finger?"ever spent before." McCallum then turned to correspondent Mike Emanuel for an answer to that very Foxy question "North Carolina is a key race that could decide the balance of power. What are the teachers unions doing there?"

The answer: "The National Education Association super PAC has spent about $3 million on ads blaming Republican Tillis for making class sizes bigger and for reduced art and sports programs." Oooh. How dare they?

The segment's tone of alarm and novelty?the eyebrows raised at the notion of unions spending millions of dollars on elections?does not extend to Fox News coverage of Republican spending, of course:

With its focus on teachers unions, Fox conveniently left out the spending from outside groups that totals nearly three times more. For example, the North Carolina chapter of Americans for Prosperity, a conservative group backed by the Koch brothers has poured in at least $8.3 million in ad money. At least $6 million has come from groups linked to conservative Karl Rove, a Fox News contributor. I guess if you never report on and even actively downplay the money Republican groups are spending, your viewers will be amazed to hear how much unions are spending. Typical Fox News, in other words. No matter what Fox News says, Democrats need help fighting the Koch brothers-Karl Rove ad avalanche. Please chip in $3 to elect more and better Democrats. Defeat Mitch McConnell in just two hours. Sign up to make GOTV calls to Democrats. Here's hoping these unions are putting as much or more effort into mobilizing teachers to vote?and getting teachers to mobilize their friends and neighbors to vote?as they are money into advertising.
The American Taliban comes to Texas...

The American Taliban comes to Texas, Dan Patrick style

Texas state Republican Senator Dan Patrick (R) speaks as state Democratic Senator John Whitmire (L, in foreground) listens during a meeting of the state Senate to consider legislation restricting abortion rights in Austin, Texas July 12, 2013.  A Republican proposal that would ban most abortions in Texas after 20 weeks of pregnancy moved toward a possible final vote in the state Senate Friday, and Democrats fiercely opposed to the measure conceded they will not be able to stop it.  REUTERS/Mike Stone (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS SOCIETY) - RTX11LKJ
'I don't have to follow Senate rules if God doesn't want me to' is not generally what the Founding Fathers had in mind.
Goal ThermometerTexas Republicans putting up State Sen. Dan Patrick as their nominee for lieutenant governor goes a fair way towards proof that yes, every sodding last Republican in Texas is insane. He was a conservative radio host. He's into all the right conspiracy theories. He thinks he's the official Texas incarnation of Jesus, and he's the nominee for lieutenant governor of the entire state because, and take your pick, (1) America's Dumbest Congressman Louie Gohmert didn't want to relocate or (2) because all of Texas Republican politics is based on an elaborate dare. "While ISIS terrorists threaten to cross our border and kill Americans, my opponent falsely attacks me to hide her failed record on illegal immigration," he says in his first general-election campaign. Please stop. On his first book, actually titled The Second Most Important Book You Will Ever Read: "As the author, I am obviously biased," Patrick wrote in an Amazon review of his own book. But "since God inspired me to write this book," he added, "He automatically gets 5 stars and the CREDIT!'" If you give my book less than five stars you hate God. Countless men have made similar claims of divine inspiration over the centuries, but I'm not sure I've ever seen the assertion used towards such a petty end as to goose Amazon ratings. On squashing Wendy Davis' filibuster: Patrick told Mike Huckabee he had a Christian obligation to ignore Senate rules if the lives of fetuses were at risk. The American Taliban often cites the requirement to ignore rules and laws and constitutional rights because their religion trumps those laws. That is why we call them the American Taliban. Patrick tried to raise money off of Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson's comments about homosexuality in GQ, boasting that the bearded reality star was channeling another bearded visionary. "This is an exciting time for Christians," he wrote on Facebook.  "God is speaking to us from the most unlikely voice, Phil Robertson, about God's Word. God is using pop culture and a highly successful cable TV show to remind us about His teaching." If an omnipotent God is choosing to address his people primarily through the unscripted ramblings of an American faux-yokel mouthing off between bird hunts, I for one will be very surprised. Not as surprised as hearing that he's now writing books under the byline of a mean-spirited conservative Texas radio shock-jock, but pretty surprised. We don't need to be governed by crazy people. Chip in $3 to any of our endorsed candidates. Defeat Mitch McConnell in just two hours. Sign up to make GOTV calls to Democrats. Again, is this a dare? Are we determined to seek out all the little nuts and tinfoil hat-wearers and people who say they speak with God regularly through the fillings in their teeth?are we determined to seek them out, pluck them off their sidewalk apple crates and install every last one of them as the people who should decide how to write our laws and which ones we should enforce, or ignore? A post-apocalyptic dystopia is not the American end goal, Texas Republicans. If it's not someone you'd trust with your wallet or your car keys, maybe don't trust them with governing us all.
Daily Kos Elections ad roundup: The...

Daily Kos Elections ad roundup: There is no headline to capture how insane this Iowa ad is

Leading Off:

? IA-Sen: The pro-GOP U.S. Chamber of Commerce has usually produced decent ads starring a Red State-friendly celebrity (see their KY-Sen one below). But this new one has one of the stupidest commercials I've seen in a very long time. It stars a chicken and hits Democrat Bruce Braley with something called "the chicken dance." It's hard to describe it: This is an ad you just have to see to believe.

On the other side, NextGen Climate spends $147,000. Presumably, none of that money went to the chicken dance.

Head below the fold for a poultry-free roundup of ads from races across the country

Illinois Republican asked to name o...

Illinois Republican asked to name one job he's responsible for creating. Crickets.

Republican candidate for Illinois governor Bruce Rauner answering a jobs question in a debate. Screenshot.
There's a good reason for Bruce Rauner's deer-in-headlights look.
Goal Thermometer

Bruce Rauner, chairman of R8 Capital Partners and the former chairman of the private equity firm GTCR, based in Chicago, is running on his business record as the Republican candidate to unseat Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn. He's supposed to be one of those "job creators" so deserving of huge tax breaks the Republicans are always talking about. So this should have been a real softball debate question for him: "Mr. Rauner, can you give us specific examples, maybe one or two, of successful companies owned by you that actually have created jobs in the state of Illinois, and how are you going to use that experience to attract businesses into the state and actually create jobs in Illinois?"

His reply:

We've built one of the most respected, most successful investment companies in America at my firm. We've helped create hundreds of successful businesses. Well, then. Here's moderator No. 2: "Yeah, I have a follow up, actually, to Erica's question. You never gave us an example of a company?one specific example over those 32 years?where you created any jobs." The reply? Rauner: I'd encourage you to come to the website for my old firm. There are hundreds and hundreds of companies there, many of them have gone public?.

Moderator #2: But you don't remember any?

Rauner: ?the point is there are so many.

And out of those hundreds and hundreds he can't point to a single one that created just one job? Seems like if you're a job creator, you'd have binders full of examples of the job=creating you did, examples right at the ready for what is going to be the inevitable debate question. Let's elect some Democratic governors with true jobs agendas. Your $3 will help. Defeat Mitch McConnell in just two hours. Sign up to make GOTV calls to Democrats. Seems like Rauner might be a bit of a fraud on that whole job-creating thing. That's not too much of a shocker though. This isn't a guy who cares particularly about workers. He wants "right to work" zones?designated areas where businesses can avoid taxes and regulations that, you know, protect workers. He's also gotten in some political trouble for saying Illinois should reduce its minimum wage, a position he's been backpedalling from for months now.

Indonesian police use Shootings, ki...

Indonesian police use Shootings, killings, beatings, arrests on West Papuan independence rallies

Indonesian police have opened fire on peaceful protesters in Jayapura, with at least four gunshot wounds and one death. West Papuan activists and families have been forced to flee to the jungle for safety. Indonesian security forces are conducting scores of raids, sweeps and offensives against West Papuan civilians. The attacks are happening during the visit of National Police Chief General Sutarman with over 200 people arrested across West Papua. Journalists have also been attacked by Indonesian police according to Amnesty International...Read more at San Fransisco Bay Area Indymedia. The Indonesian Police chief says any plans to free Papua from Indonesia won't be tolerated, including Flag raising ceremonies on the West Papuan national Day, December 1st.

Calls for Independence by West Papuans have been made since the sham "Act of Free Choice in 1969". They have suffered a neglected genocide at the hands of the Indonesian military (2004) with continued Repression (2007). Thousands of Papuans took to the streets in 2010 and in 2011 rejecting special autonomy, demanding a referendum on independence. Indonesia plans to build 1,500 km of new roads in the next two years to accelerate ?development', increase military presence, and open up more illegal logging. Three Papuans highlighted the human rights abuses at the APEC meeting in Bali this year by scaling the Australian Consulate?s fence in the dead of night and hand-delivering a personal plea to open the Indonesian province to world scrutiny.

A new academic law and human rights report A slow-motion genocide: Indonesian rule in West Papua (PDF), details the extent of the genocide and abuse of human rights. (Review by Greenleft) Activists have called for Australia to End pragmatic complicity in West Papua in response to comments by new conservative Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Imprisoned Papuan leader Selpius Bobii also responded saying, "We Live In Terror, Mr Abbott".

Related: Waging Nonviolence: Flotilla unsettles Indonesia?s occupation of West Papua | West Papuan National Day Goes Global | West Papuans to join commemoration of Eureka Rebellion in Ballarat More Information: West Papua media Alerts | Freedom Flotilla

Civil Society stages mass walkout p...

Civil Society stages mass walkout protest from Warsaw Climate change negotiations

Civil society organisations abandoned the COP19 climate change negotiations in Warsaw on mass. Members from Greenpeace, Oxfam, WWF, Actionaid, Friends of the Earth, the International Trade Union Confederation (statement) and all started leaving the conference at 2pm. This is an unprecedented action, the first time several major civil society groups have staged a mass walkout.

Friends of the Earth International highlighted that the Warsaw Climate Change negotiations were failing, with Tension high in Warsaw talks as G77+China walk out. The role of Australia and reduced ambition of Japan  have been widely mentioned. Australia and Canada are seen as the major wreckers, but there has been substantial intransigence from much of the developed world to progressing the negotiations forward on finance, ambition, and a loss and damage mechanism. Poland's Coal Summit has shown the fossil fuel corporatism entwined in this COP with widespread dismay at the coal powered negotiations of COP19 and at UNFCCC official Christiania Figueres who gave the keynote speech at the coal summit 

Related: Democracy Now: "Nature Does Not Negotiate": Environmentalists Walk Out of U.N. Climate Summit in Warsaw | "Polluters Talk, We Walk": Civil Society Groups Abandon Warsaw Talks over Inaction on Global Warming | "We Have to Consume Less": Scientists Call For Radical Economic Overhaul to Avert Climate CrisisAnalysis: The Warsaw walkout and the Climate Movement

Canadians and Australians protest c...

Canadians and Australians protest climate wrecking policies and pipelines

The weekend of 16th and 17th November saw tens of thousands of people in Canada and Australia out in the streets in over 260 protests against the climate policies of these countries. Australia and Canada are seen as the major wreckers in Warsaw at COP19.

The Saturday protests in Canada occurred from coast to coast to Repulse Bay, Nunavut on the Arctic circle, more than 10,000 people gathered in over 180 events co-ordinated by Defend our Climate. Many protests focussed on stopping further expansion of the Alberta tar sands and pipelines to move the bitumenous oil south to Texas, east through Ontario and Quebec, and west through British Columbia. On Sunday, more than 60,000 people attended climate protests across Australia, protesting the attempt to repeal carbon pricing and clean energy programs by the conservative Government lead by Prime Minister Tony Abbott, elected on 7 September this year, who denied any link between climate change and bushfires as unusually early and intense bushfires raged around Sydney.

Civil Society NGO and local Polish activists also staged a Climate Justice march in Warsaw in association with the COP19 climate change negotiations taking place. Super Typhoon Haiyan set the initial mood at the negotiations with Philippines negotiator Naderev Saño (Yeb Saño) saying "time to take action. We need an emergency climate pathway". There is widespread dismay at the coal powered negotiations in Warsaw with Japan and Australia being particularly singled out.

Related: Australia Indymedia - Tens of Thousands rally for Climate Action across Australia

Typhoon Haiyan causes death and dev...

Typhoon Haiyan causes death and devastation in the Philippines

On November 8 Super Typhoon Haiyan made landfall over Guiuan, Eastern Sama province in the Philippines, destroying coastal communities with ferocious winds and a storm surge of 6-7 metres (up to 20 feet). According to Dr Jeff Masters "Haiyan had winds of 190 - 195 mph (315 km/h) at landfall, making it the strongest tropical cyclone on record to make landfall in world history."

Authorities of Tacloban City with a population of 220,000 and capital of Leyte province, gave an early estimate that perhaps 10,000 people died from this one city. Many people were surprised by the huge storm surge tidal waves that inundated much of the city. Many smaller coastal villages were also devastated with most buildings destroyed or suffering severe damage. According to the UN Reliefweb report on 14 November the number of affected people has increased to 11.8 million. The official death count from Typhoon Haiyan is currently 4,460 but with numbers still increasing. There were 921,200 people displaced and 243,600 houses destroyed. A total of 2.5 million people are in need of food assistance.

Related: Climate IMC: Typhoon Haiyan: This is a climate crime | Time for turning tears into anger says Walden Bello | Philippine groups demand action on climate finance, loss and damage in Warsaw climate talks | Ejected from COP19 for expressing solidarity to the Philippines | Youth observers expelled from UN climate change talks for Philippines Solidarity | Indybay: Super typhoon Haiyan is climate wake-up call | They destroy We suffer Statement on Yolanda?s AftermathNon-corporate Typhoon Haiyan Relief Efforts: Waves for Water | Haiyan NYC Relief Project | Doctors without Borders | Oxfam International

Mi'kmaq attacked by police and snip...

Mi'kmaq attacked by police and snipers

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and unidentified snipers attack Mi'kmaq women and elderly who were part of an anti-fracking encampment. Support pours in for Mi'kmaq attacked by police and snipers. Today, Monday, Mi'kmaq Warrior Tyson Peters shot with rubber bullet risks losing his leg after protecting woman from a bullet. [ From Global IMC Newswire ]
Global Warming impacts escalate as ...


Ebola Becomes a Political Issue in ...

Ebola Becomes a Political Issue in the U.S.

President Obama and members of Congress weigh in on the Ebola scare, turning it into a political issue ahead of the midterm elections.
Ebola Becomes a Political Issue in ...

Ebola Becomes a Political Issue in the U.S.

President Obama and members of Congress weigh in on the Ebola scare, turning it into a political issue ahead of the midterm elections.
High Court Upholds Texas' Voter ID ...

High Court Upholds Texas' Voter ID Law

Just ahead of the midterm elections, the Supreme Court upheld Texas' controversial voter ID law that requires people to present identification before casting their vote.
Chuck Todd to 'Meet the Voters'

Chuck Todd to 'Meet the Voters'

Beginning October 22nd, Chuck Todd will hit the campaign trail in an RV to "Meet the Voters" on a road trip through key battleground states.
Declined: Obama Says His Credit Car...

Declined: Obama Says His Credit Card Was Denied in NYC

Not even the president of the United States is immune to the embarrassment of a declined credit card, apparently.
Obama Taps Ex-White House Adviser K...

Obama Taps Ex-White House Adviser Klain as Ebola 'Czar'

Klain is a former chief of staff to Vice President Joe Biden and former Vice President Al Gore.


$680,000 home built on wrong lot

$680,000 home built on wrong lot

Six months after building their $680,000 vacation home, a couple learned it was built on the wrong lot.
What the dying really regret

What the dying really regret

There are many regrets that patients have in the months before they die. But the stories about the years people spend not appreciating their body until they are close to leaving it are some of the saddest.
Most-hated font has a typewriter

Most-hated font has a typewriter

The world's most reviled font has gone analog with "Sincerity Machine," a typewriter that types in Comic Sans.
Military mom surprises daughter

Military mom surprises daughter

A mother in the Navy surprises her daughter, who she's only seen for one month this year. CNN affiliate WNEM reports.
Tot hitches ride on dad's surfboard

Tot hitches ride on dad's surfboard

Tyler Medford surfs with his three-year-old son, Nolan, on his back! HLN's Mike Galanos has more.
Resident finds jellyfish in ...

Resident finds jellyfish in ...

Jellyfish were found in a freshwater lake in Wisconsin. CNN affiliate WBAY has more.

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