New Report: Outside Spending, Dark ...

New Report: Outside Spending, Dark Money Playing Record Role in Battle for Senate Majority

Broad Coalition of Groups Call On G...

Broad Coalition of Groups Call On Governor Cuomo To Stop Exploding Oil Trains

Big Money Playing an Outsized Role ...

Big Money Playing an Outsized Role in Primary Elections

DOE Office of Inspector General Rew...

DOE Office of Inspector General Rewards Contractors for Non-Cooperation on Donna Busche?s Whistleblower Termination, Abdicates their Charter

San Francisco Supervisor John Avalo...

San Francisco Supervisor John Avalos to Introduce "Climate Change" Warning Labels for Gas Pump Handles at Board of Supervisor's Meeting

Hunters and Conservationists Join F...

Hunters and Conservationists Join Forces to Protect Imperiled Wolverines

Russia's Vladimir Putin says his ma...

Russia's Vladimir Putin says his marriage is over

Source: [b]BBC[/b] Russian President Vladimir Putin and his wife Lyudmila have said their marriage is over. The couple, who had been married for 30 years, made their divorce public on Russian state television after attending a ballet performance. "It was a joint decision, we hardly ...
Christie expected to name Lautenber...

Christie expected to name Lautenberg successor

Source: [b]News12 NJ[/b] New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie appears poised to name a temporary successor to the late U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg. The governor has scheduled a 1:30 p.m. news conference in Trenton. However, the announcement did not specify a topic. Lautenberg died Monday a...
George Zimmerman wants ‘inflammator...

George Zimmerman wants ‘inflammatory terms’ banned from trial

Source: [b]Yahoo News[/b] George Zimmerman wants ‘inflammatory terms’ banned from trial The Lookout By Jason Sickles, an arrives for a pretrial hearing on Thursday. (Joe Burbank/Getty) “Profiled” “Vigilante” “Self-appointed Neighborhood Watch Captain” “Wannabe cop” Suspec...
Swimming Champion, Movie Star Esthe...

Swimming Champion, Movie Star Esther Williams Dies

Source: [b]ABC News[/b] By BOB THOMAS Associated Press LOS ANGELES June 6, 2013 (AP) Esther Williams, the swimming champion turned actress who starred in glittering and aquatic Technicolor musicals of the 1940s and 1950s, has died. She was 91. Williams's died early Thursday in h...
Syria Hails Qusair Capture as Fores...

Syria Hails Qusair Capture as Foreshadowing Rebel Defeat

Source: [b]Bloomberg[/b] The Syrian governmment’s capture of al-Qusair is a “strategic turning point” marking the beginning of the end for the armed opposition, Syria’s premier said, as the army promised mercy for surrendering rebels. Retaking the city opens the door “for successive vi...
Lindsey Graham ‘glad’ NSA collectin...

Lindsey Graham ‘glad’ NSA collecting phone records

Source: [b]Yahoo News[/b] Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said on Thursday morning he's "glad" the National Security Agency is secretly collecting millions of telephone records from Americans in an effort to track down terrorism suspects. “We are very much under threat," Graham said on "F...


Political Polarization?How The Left...

Political Polarization?How The Left and Right Follow Different Sources For News

The Pew Research Center has released a study on Political Polarization and Media Habits. Most of their findings, summarized below, are as would be predicted: Overall, the study finds that consistent conservatives: Are tightly clustered around a single news source, far more than any other group in the survey, with 47% citing Fox News as […]
Beware Of Those Politicians Who Spr...

Beware Of Those Politicians Who Spread Fear?We Have No Reason To Fear Ebola As Long As We Respond Sensibly

A mood of fear is engulfing the country which might very well affect the midterm elections. Hopefully people will react rationally and reject the Republicans who promote unwarranted fears, play politics, and advocate for counterproductive responses such as travel bans. Unfortunately but this is not the probable response. As I discussed last week, even citing […]
SciFi Weekend: Doctor Who; Dr. Cott...

SciFi Weekend: Doctor Who; Dr. Cotton?s Bizarre Ideas, Boardwalk Empire & The Knick; DC and Marvel Movie Plans; Twin Peaks; The IT Crowd & Other British Adaptations

Flatline managed to provide an episode of Doctor Who which successfully combined elements of both horror and humor. While not a totally original idea, it was something not seen on Doctor Who before, and realistically few television shows manage to come up with ideas which have not been influenced by other works. Think of it […]
Republicans Attack Ebola Czar While...

Republicans Attack Ebola Czar While Blocking Surgeon General Nomination

On the surface, Republicans have been all over the place regarding the idea of a government official to coordinate handling of Ebola. For example, there’s John McCain. Back in 2009 he attacked Obama over having too many czars: Obama has more czars than the Romanovs – who ruled Russia for 3 centuries. Romanovs 18, cyberczar […]
Avoiding Panic Regarding Ebola

Avoiding Panic Regarding Ebola

With some conservatives playing politics with Ebola, it is good to see that Shepard Smith at Fox is being more responsible. See the video above where he explains why there is no reason to panic. Hopefully this will calm down the conservatives who are being incited to panic and see this as reason to vote […]
California Study Debunks Claims Tha...

California Study Debunks Claims That Medicaid Expansion Will Increase ER Utilization Long Term And Excessively Increase Costs

Opponents of the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion have often twisted the results of a study in Oregon showing an increase in Emergency Room utilization after their expansion of Medicaid. Subsequent studies have debunked claims that Medicaid patients are abusing Emergency Rooms and studies of the Medicaid expansion in Ohio showed that better management […]


Britain's phantoms of the past in P...

Britain's phantoms of the past in Palestine

Without a clear course of action to help Palestinians gain their freedom, the British vote will remain another symbolic gesture in a conflict in which military occupation, war, siege, death and destruction are very much real.
Getting a Grip on Ebola

Getting a Grip on Ebola

The real crisis is the hysteria over Ebola that's being fed by media outlets seeking sensationalism and politicians posturing for the midterm elections. That hysteria is causing us to lose our heads. Parents have pulled their children out of a middle school after learning the school's principal had traveled to Zambia. Are we planning to quarantine Dallas next?
The Entry of Ebola into the US Has ...

The Entry of Ebola into the US Has Hallmarks of a Planned Happening

More information is available that suggests the the government had advance information that ebola was coming to the US and that the government expects a much larger outbreak of the disease in the US than it admits.
Statement by RN's at Texas Health P...

Statement by RN's at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital as provided to National Nurses United

There was no advance preparedness on what to do with the patient, there was no protocol, there was no system. The nurses were asked to call the Infectious Disease Department. The Infectious Disease Department did not have clear policies to provide either.
Degradation of Our Educational Syst...

Degradation of Our Educational System is Canary in the Mineshaft

Our graduates carry a debt load of $1.2 trillion dollars while the cost of a college degree in the United States has increased "12 fold" over the past 30 years, far outpacing the price inflation of consumer goods, medical expenses and food.
Republicans Will Pass Worse NAFTA-L...

Republicans Will Pass Worse NAFTA-Like Trade Deals If They Take Senate

These "trade" deals will, if passed by Congress and signed by the president, cement a corporate right to profits above the rights of citizens to pass laws to protect our health, environment, wages, working conditions and anything else we might decide to do to make our lives better. These trade agreements place corporate rights above national sovereignty, and they do this behind a veil of secrecy.

Racist Rep. Steve King: Obama treat...

Racist Rep. Steve King: Obama treating 'people in Africa as if they were American citizens'

Goal ThermometerIf Donald Trump and Rep. Steve King had not planned a press conference together, we probably would have had to launch a Kickstarter campaign supporting the idea. As it is we might have to have another one because it sounds like Steve King has got more bugs crawling under his skin than he could ever give voice to during just one. [I]t was King who really took the opportunity to shine. In video captured by the Iowa Republican, King went on a long tirade claiming that America is becoming ?a third-world country? because of ?the things that are coming at us from across the border,? including illegal drugs, Central American children of ?prime gang recruitment age,? ISIS, a childhood respiratory illness that has spread in recent weeks, and the Ebola virus. Damn, he's breaking out the whole Greatest Hits album. Still, there was time for some new soon-to-be-classic racist tirades. ?What is his vision for this country?? he asked. ?He must think now that he?s president of the world, that he?s going to treat people in Africa as if they were American citizens and somehow we can?t define this American sovereignty or American citizenship.? There ya go. From Dr. Keith Ablow to Steve King, we've got the "Obama loves Africa more than America because he is blaaaaaaack" theory being spouted from all the most swollen Republican orifices. It's been six years, and I think they're more upset about Obama being black now than they were when he first showed up. And no, I don't think anyone knows what King is specifically going on about here. He probably is stoned out of his gourd from whatever fumes are wafting off of Donald Trump's head. ?I want to pull us all together under those principles to build America. That?s freedom of speech, religion, the press, the right to keep and bear arms ? whether that?s to pick up a shotgun and shoot a pheasant or pick up a seven iron and discipline your husband.? Jesus Christ, where did that come from? We go from suspicions of Obama treating people in Africa with too much respect to Steve King suggesting you beat your husband with a golf club. Chip in $3 to help Democrat Jim Mowrer boot Steve King from Congress. Defeat Mitch McConnell in just two hours. Sign up to make GOTV calls to Democrats. I don't want to know what Steve King's Iowa supporters see in him. Really, I don't. But I would love to go door to door asking them what they suppose Steve King meant by Barack Obama treating Africans "as if they were American citizens," just because the responses would probably top anything you or I could come up with.
Daily Kos pays people to break the ...

Daily Kos pays people to break the law! Read the latest efforts to get out the SD reservation vote

 photo ScreenShot2014-10-21at31746PM_zpse3d9f943.png

Goal ThermometerHere are the latest updates from the get-out-the-vote South Dakota Rez Tour so many of you have contributed to. I do believe we need to PAY THAT PARKING TICKET! Our intrepid War Pony minibus is going everywhere on and off the Indian reservations in the state to take advantage of early voting, which ends soon.

The GOTV leaders in South Dakota are working their butts off to take advantage of the funding you all have provided. We blew past Markos's initial goal of $50,000, then $75,000, then $100,000 for the South Dakota NDN Election Efforts PAC. Now we're on our way to the group's dream budget of $200,000. I think we can do it. We are currently at $131,000, and with your sharing and tweeting this campaign we can get more donors. The total has been built with small donations. So ask your networks to chip in.

 photo ScreenShot2014-10-21at34006PM_zps5c93400c.png

 photo ScreenShot2014-10-21at33800PM_zps5a0d6794.png photo FanoftheWarPonymeetsDustinaGillinFlandreau_zpsa99d9e52.jpg

 photo ScreenShot2014-10-21at33556PM_zps29dfe014.png

Contribute so American Indian voices can be heard in South Dakota!
Voting by mail is convenient, easy, and defeats the best of the GOP's voter suppression efforts. Sign up here to check eligibility and vote by mail, then get your friends, family, and coworkers to sign up as well. Read below the orange fluffy frybread for more updates from our team about this crucial project..

2:21 PM PT: wow.... Look what I found at Wiyaka Eagleman's facebook timeline:

 photo ScreenShot2014-10-21at51652PM_zpsf9571900.png

The guy who walked 38 miles plus to turn in completed voter registration forms.

Since the minute the Civil War ende...

Since the minute the Civil War ended, Texas has been suppressing the vote of African Americans

Confederates from Texas
In the view of certain Texans today, these guys (from Company C of the Eighth Texas Cavalry), had the right idea about voting by African Americans.
Despite the scathing 143-page evisceration of Texas' strict new voter ID law by District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos, the Supreme Court gave the go-ahead Saturday for that law to be implemented for this election cycle. That's a hint that when the law's constitutionality is ultimately ruled on, the Court will probably give that the okay, too. Estimates are that as many as 600,000 eligible Texans don't have one of the four IDs accepted as a requirement for casting a ballot: a driver's license, a military identity card, a passport or a gun license.

This isn't the first voter-suppression rodeo in Texas.

Keeping African Americans away from the polls began as soon as Emancipation was announced on Juneteenth (June 19), 1865. The state refused to grant blacks political rights. And a year later, the all-white constitutional convention voted against giving suffrage to blacks, even those who were literate or who had never been slaves. That was followed by the all-white legislature refusing to ratify the Fourteenth Amendment and passage of the first Black Codes that constrained African Americans from certain economic pursuits, racial intermarriage, officeholding, jury service and, of course, voting.

But, the Republican convention of 1867 included black delegates, and, even though the Ku Klux Klan and other purveyors of anti-black violence were viciously active, blacks participated in their first statewide vote in 1868, voting in a referendum to hold another constitutional convention. With their white allies, they won that referendum. The convention affirmed some basic rights for African Americans, although not all that they had fought for, and made readmission of Texas to the Union possible in 1870. From then it was downhill.

Read below the fold as Erika Eichelberger at Mother Jones tallies some historical Texas voter suppression efforts.

Chris Christie: 'I'm tired of heari...

Chris Christie: 'I'm tired of hearing about the minimum wage'

Goal Thermometer

Gov. Chris Christie, who is paid $175,000 a year by New Jersey taxpayers, making him the fourth-highest paid governor in the nation, took his tough guy act to the minimum wage Tuesday:

"I've got to tell you the truth, I'm tired of hearing about the minimum wage. I really am. I don't think there's a mother or father sitting around a kitchen table tonight in America who are saying 'you know, honey, if our son or daughter could just make a higher minimum wage, my God, all our dreams would be realized.' Is that what parents aspire to for their children?" What a plainspoken truth-teller, is the reaction Christie was clearly going for with this. What a load of unbelievable crap, is the truth.

Forget the parent sitting around the kitchen table thinking about their son or daughter's wages. Many minimum wage workers?27 percent of them?are parents themselves. If these workers made a higher minimum wage, 19 percent of children in the United States would have a parent who got a raise. That means those children would benefit. Maybe they'd eat better. Maybe they'd be able to do school sports. Maybe they'd avoid the disruptions of having to move because their family fell behind on the rent.

With the average age of minimum wage workers being 35 years old, their parents sitting around the kitchen table thinking about their wages are not the middle-class parents of teens or recent college graduates that Christie is trying to invoke in our minds. If your child is 35 and making the minimum wage, sure, you'd like to see them make more than the minimum wage. But a raise from $8.25 an hour?which New Jersey voters voted in after Christie vetoed a minimum wage increase?to $10.10 an hour would make a big difference in the life of said hypothetical adult child of worried parents. Shoot, you don't have to be making minimum wage to think an annual raise of more than $3,000 is worth getting. I don't know, maybe at Christie's $175,000 a year you stop caring about a piddling $3,000.

Christie is taking the Scott Walker line here: Why are we even bothering with the minimum wage, they want to know, when I want people to make more than the minimum wage. They want us to forget about the people they'd leave behind, the people they aren't trying to get higher wages for. They want us not to think "wait, if you want people to make more than the minimum wage, then why are you against the minimum wage being more than the minimum wage is right now?"

Chris Christie isn't up for re-election this year, but a lot of terrible Republican governors are. Please chip in $3 to help defeat them. Defeat Mitch McConnell in just two hours. Sign up to make GOTV calls to Democrats. The reality is that the minimum wage is a poverty wage, and poll after poll?in addition to that ballot vote in New Jersey?shows that voters support increasing it. Chris Christie, like Scott Walker, is out of step with his state and with America.
James O'Keefe is back, and still is...

James O'Keefe is back, and still isn't finding voter fraud

James O'Keefe tweet showing a picture of him disguised with a thin mustache. Tweet text: 'Only time for 2-3 more election investigations. I went in Disguised as 45 yo, this time people may lose their jobs.
Yes, the dumbass tweeted a picture of himself 'in Disguise'
Goal ThermometerConservative videotape-editor James O'Keefe is still around, apparently, and is still hard at work trying to get people to commit crimes so he can film them. But it's still not working, because there's just not many people in the world as crooked as he is. Last Tuesday, a man who appeared to be in his 20s showed up at a Democratic field office in Boulder wanting to volunteer to help elect Udall and Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.), according to a Democratic staffer who met with him and asked not to be identified. [The man] mentioned polls showing the race between Udall and Gardner was tight, and he asked the staffer if he should fill out and mail in ballots for other college students who had moved away but still received mail on campus. The Democratic staffer says he told Davis that doing this would be voter fraud and that he should not do it. Thus foiled, the man returned with a "disguised" James O'Keefe (the "I am a professor now" disguise appears to be a costume shop mustache?nobody ever accused O'Keefe of putting much work into these things) presumably to get more footage of the office refusing to commit crimes. Then they moved on to a Colorado nonprofit. Fenberg says, O'Keefe and his friends contacted New Era's Fort Collins office to set up an in-person meeting and identified themselves as activists affiliated with Rocky Mountain Vote Pride. The three men arrived carrying Udall campaign literature, Fenberg notes, but a New Era organizer met them outside the office's front door and refused to let them enter with the Udall materials. Outside groups such as New Era cannot coordinate with political campaigns, and Fenberg says he believes O'Keefe and his collaborators "were trying to establish evidence we were working together."

When New Era's staffers began taking pictures of O'Keefe (including the photo embedded at left), Fenberg says, O'Keefe and a colleague went to their car and returned with a large video camera and a microphone. "If you want to take photos of us, we'll take photos of you," O'Keefe said, according to Fenberg, and the New Era staffers closed the door while O'Keefe and his friend tried to push it open and stick their microphone inside. Fenberg says New Era filed a police report about the incident.

I see O'Keefe still makes no pretensions at actual journalism, having found a lovely niche as yet another dedicated crafter of fakery and propaganda. I see also that O'Keefe seems to consider voter outreach groups to be the bane of all conservative America. Here's a fellow who could infiltrate a Columbian drug cartel with his top-notch mustache disguises, and let us earnestly hope he gives it a go, but instead he has spent years of his life trying to find voter fraud, and failing, and concluding from this not that voter fraud is indeed vanishingly rare but that what's needed here is to edit footage together to pretend the fraud exists anyway. Here is a lad for whom the modern conservative movement was invented. He watched Fox News, he read Drudge, he saw Andrew Breitbart bullshitting his way to low-tier hero status, and he took from all of that the obvious lesson that the News is whatever you say it is, and the Facts are whatever the people paying you want them to be. Voting is a right. Chip in $3 to any of our endorsed secretary of state candidates to help defend that right. Defeat Mitch McConnell in just two hours. Sign up to make GOTV calls to Democrats. Really, you can't ask for a better poster child for the movement. A self-satisfied fraud who rails against imaginary conspiracies that he cannot find, but always suspects. A "journalism" outfit that unapologetically fakes its stories outright. A child Rovian whose central political motivations revolve not around specific policy, but around the uncomfortable thought that poor people or minorities might in the future find it easier to vote than it was in the much preferred past, who makes it his personal mission to torch the offices of any enablers of such things. He is the love child of Fox News "journalism" and bitter white resentment at Those People, and he has got the conservative id pegged.
Midday open thread: UK intel chief'...

Midday open thread: UK intel chief's BS on mass surveillance, Warren to campaign against Brown

Today's comic by Jen Sorensen is The Globola crisis:
Cartoon by Jen Sorensen -- The Globola crisis
If we turn out, we win. Chip in $3 to help Get Out The Vote for Daily Kos? endorsed candidates. UK's intelligence chief says its spies would rather quit than engage in mass surveillance: But Professor Ross Anderson, a long-time critic of the UK?s intelligence operations and head of cryptography at the University of Cambridge, said over email that [Sir Iain] Lobban?s definition of ?mass surveillance? is ?nothing like yours or mine.?

?How come they collected over a million people's Yahoo video chats, including a significant number of intimate chats?" Anderson asked. "There is no conceivable way that can be justified as targeted, proportionate or necessary. It fails the human rights test. It is mass surveillance."

Warren going to New Hampshire to campaign against Brown: According to The Boston Globe, Warren wrote in a recent email to her and Shaheen?s supporters that, ?never in a bazillion years did it cross my mind that Scott Brown would pack up and move to his vacation house in New Hampshire to run against our friend Jeanne? But that?s exactly what happened.? [...]

Warren has raised money for Shaheen and given her advice, but this is her first trip on the ground in New Hampshire to aide her fellow Democrat. Shaheen faces a tight race against Brown.

These Daily Kos community posts were the most shared on Facebook October 21: Transcript: Briana Aguirre on Conditions at Texas Hospital as She Cared for Co-Worker Nina Pham, by JayRaye

Why anyone in the South would continue to vote Republican after seeing this Map defies logic, by Lefty Coaster

Alabama House Speaker Hubbard indicted on 23 counts of corruption: The powerful Republican leader faces up to 20 years in prison and a $30,000 fine on each count if convicted. The charges range from four counts of using his post as chairman of the state Republican Party for personal gain to 11 counts of soliciting things of value from lobbyists and principals. According to the indictment, Hubbard solicited favors from some of Alabama's rich and powerful. They include former Alabama Governor Bob Riley, Business Council of Alabama CEO Billy Canary, Hoar Construction CEO Rob Burton, Great Southern Wood CEO Jimmy Rane, former Sterne Agee CEO James Holbrook, lobbyist Minda Riley Campbell, Harbert Management Corp. vice president Will Brooke and political operative Dax Swatek.   These are the news sources liberals and conservatives trust and distrust most. Rwanda screening travelers from U.S. for Ebola: The nation has not seen a single case of Ebola, while the U.S. has had three. But two Rwandan students were kept home on Monday from a New Jersey elementary school because their classmates' parents are worried about Ebola. They will remain at home until the 21-day waiting period is over. Several banks see pattern indicating data breach at some Staples stores in northeastern U.S. On today's Kagro in the Morning show: Greg Dworkin's Ebolamania roundup. Armando tells us the final FL-GOV debate has banned fans. The Saud-ish context of beheadings. Unforeseen consequences of GunFAIL. Unlimited $ + unlimited data = the end of privacy?

Indonesian police use Shootings, ki...

Indonesian police use Shootings, killings, beatings, arrests on West Papuan independence rallies

Indonesian police have opened fire on peaceful protesters in Jayapura, with at least four gunshot wounds and one death. West Papuan activists and families have been forced to flee to the jungle for safety. Indonesian security forces are conducting scores of raids, sweeps and offensives against West Papuan civilians. The attacks are happening during the visit of National Police Chief General Sutarman with over 200 people arrested across West Papua. Journalists have also been attacked by Indonesian police according to Amnesty International...Read more at San Fransisco Bay Area Indymedia. The Indonesian Police chief says any plans to free Papua from Indonesia won't be tolerated, including Flag raising ceremonies on the West Papuan national Day, December 1st.

Calls for Independence by West Papuans have been made since the sham "Act of Free Choice in 1969". They have suffered a neglected genocide at the hands of the Indonesian military (2004) with continued Repression (2007). Thousands of Papuans took to the streets in 2010 and in 2011 rejecting special autonomy, demanding a referendum on independence. Indonesia plans to build 1,500 km of new roads in the next two years to accelerate ?development', increase military presence, and open up more illegal logging. Three Papuans highlighted the human rights abuses at the APEC meeting in Bali this year by scaling the Australian Consulate?s fence in the dead of night and hand-delivering a personal plea to open the Indonesian province to world scrutiny.

A new academic law and human rights report A slow-motion genocide: Indonesian rule in West Papua (PDF), details the extent of the genocide and abuse of human rights. (Review by Greenleft) Activists have called for Australia to End pragmatic complicity in West Papua in response to comments by new conservative Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Imprisoned Papuan leader Selpius Bobii also responded saying, "We Live In Terror, Mr Abbott".

Related: Waging Nonviolence: Flotilla unsettles Indonesia?s occupation of West Papua | West Papuan National Day Goes Global | West Papuans to join commemoration of Eureka Rebellion in Ballarat More Information: West Papua media Alerts | Freedom Flotilla

Civil Society stages mass walkout p...

Civil Society stages mass walkout protest from Warsaw Climate change negotiations

Civil society organisations abandoned the COP19 climate change negotiations in Warsaw on mass. Members from Greenpeace, Oxfam, WWF, Actionaid, Friends of the Earth, the International Trade Union Confederation (statement) and all started leaving the conference at 2pm. This is an unprecedented action, the first time several major civil society groups have staged a mass walkout.

Friends of the Earth International highlighted that the Warsaw Climate Change negotiations were failing, with Tension high in Warsaw talks as G77+China walk out. The role of Australia and reduced ambition of Japan  have been widely mentioned. Australia and Canada are seen as the major wreckers, but there has been substantial intransigence from much of the developed world to progressing the negotiations forward on finance, ambition, and a loss and damage mechanism. Poland's Coal Summit has shown the fossil fuel corporatism entwined in this COP with widespread dismay at the coal powered negotiations of COP19 and at UNFCCC official Christiania Figueres who gave the keynote speech at the coal summit 

Related: Democracy Now: "Nature Does Not Negotiate": Environmentalists Walk Out of U.N. Climate Summit in Warsaw | "Polluters Talk, We Walk": Civil Society Groups Abandon Warsaw Talks over Inaction on Global Warming | "We Have to Consume Less": Scientists Call For Radical Economic Overhaul to Avert Climate CrisisAnalysis: The Warsaw walkout and the Climate Movement

Canadians and Australians protest c...

Canadians and Australians protest climate wrecking policies and pipelines

The weekend of 16th and 17th November saw tens of thousands of people in Canada and Australia out in the streets in over 260 protests against the climate policies of these countries. Australia and Canada are seen as the major wreckers in Warsaw at COP19.

The Saturday protests in Canada occurred from coast to coast to Repulse Bay, Nunavut on the Arctic circle, more than 10,000 people gathered in over 180 events co-ordinated by Defend our Climate. Many protests focussed on stopping further expansion of the Alberta tar sands and pipelines to move the bitumenous oil south to Texas, east through Ontario and Quebec, and west through British Columbia. On Sunday, more than 60,000 people attended climate protests across Australia, protesting the attempt to repeal carbon pricing and clean energy programs by the conservative Government lead by Prime Minister Tony Abbott, elected on 7 September this year, who denied any link between climate change and bushfires as unusually early and intense bushfires raged around Sydney.

Civil Society NGO and local Polish activists also staged a Climate Justice march in Warsaw in association with the COP19 climate change negotiations taking place. Super Typhoon Haiyan set the initial mood at the negotiations with Philippines negotiator Naderev Saño (Yeb Saño) saying "time to take action. We need an emergency climate pathway". There is widespread dismay at the coal powered negotiations in Warsaw with Japan and Australia being particularly singled out.

Related: Australia Indymedia - Tens of Thousands rally for Climate Action across Australia

Typhoon Haiyan causes death and dev...

Typhoon Haiyan causes death and devastation in the Philippines

On November 8 Super Typhoon Haiyan made landfall over Guiuan, Eastern Sama province in the Philippines, destroying coastal communities with ferocious winds and a storm surge of 6-7 metres (up to 20 feet). According to Dr Jeff Masters "Haiyan had winds of 190 - 195 mph (315 km/h) at landfall, making it the strongest tropical cyclone on record to make landfall in world history."

Authorities of Tacloban City with a population of 220,000 and capital of Leyte province, gave an early estimate that perhaps 10,000 people died from this one city. Many people were surprised by the huge storm surge tidal waves that inundated much of the city. Many smaller coastal villages were also devastated with most buildings destroyed or suffering severe damage. According to the UN Reliefweb report on 14 November the number of affected people has increased to 11.8 million. The official death count from Typhoon Haiyan is currently 4,460 but with numbers still increasing. There were 921,200 people displaced and 243,600 houses destroyed. A total of 2.5 million people are in need of food assistance.

Related: Climate IMC: Typhoon Haiyan: This is a climate crime | Time for turning tears into anger says Walden Bello | Philippine groups demand action on climate finance, loss and damage in Warsaw climate talks | Ejected from COP19 for expressing solidarity to the Philippines | Youth observers expelled from UN climate change talks for Philippines Solidarity | Indybay: Super typhoon Haiyan is climate wake-up call | They destroy We suffer Statement on Yolanda?s AftermathNon-corporate Typhoon Haiyan Relief Efforts: Waves for Water | Haiyan NYC Relief Project | Doctors without Borders | Oxfam International

Mi'kmaq attacked by police and snip...

Mi'kmaq attacked by police and snipers

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and unidentified snipers attack Mi'kmaq women and elderly who were part of an anti-fracking encampment. Support pours in for Mi'kmaq attacked by police and snipers. Today, Monday, Mi'kmaq Warrior Tyson Peters shot with rubber bullet risks losing his leg after protecting woman from a bullet. [ From Global IMC Newswire ]
Global Warming impacts escalate as ...


Ebola Becomes a Political Issue in ...

Ebola Becomes a Political Issue in the U.S.

President Obama and members of Congress weigh in on the Ebola scare, turning it into a political issue ahead of the midterm elections.
Ebola Becomes a Political Issue in ...

Ebola Becomes a Political Issue in the U.S.

President Obama and members of Congress weigh in on the Ebola scare, turning it into a political issue ahead of the midterm elections.
High Court Upholds Texas' Voter ID ...

High Court Upholds Texas' Voter ID Law

Just ahead of the midterm elections, the Supreme Court upheld Texas' controversial voter ID law that requires people to present identification before casting their vote.
Chuck Todd to 'Meet the Voters'

Chuck Todd to 'Meet the Voters'

Beginning October 22nd, Chuck Todd will hit the campaign trail in an RV to "Meet the Voters" on a road trip through key battleground states.
Declined: Obama Says His Credit Car...

Declined: Obama Says His Credit Card Was Denied in NYC

Not even the president of the United States is immune to the embarrassment of a declined credit card, apparently.
Obama Taps Ex-White House Adviser K...

Obama Taps Ex-White House Adviser Klain as Ebola 'Czar'

Klain is a former chief of staff to Vice President Joe Biden and former Vice President Al Gore.


$680,000 home built on wrong lot

$680,000 home built on wrong lot

Six months after building their $680,000 vacation home, a couple learned it was built on the wrong lot.
What the dying really regret

What the dying really regret

There are many regrets that patients have in the months before they die. But the stories about the years people spend not appreciating their body until they are close to leaving it are some of the saddest.
Most-hated font has a typewriter

Most-hated font has a typewriter

The world's most reviled font has gone analog with "Sincerity Machine," a typewriter that types in Comic Sans.
Military mom surprises daughter

Military mom surprises daughter

A mother in the Navy surprises her daughter, who she's only seen for one month this year. CNN affiliate WNEM reports.
Tot hitches ride on dad's surfboard

Tot hitches ride on dad's surfboard

Tyler Medford surfs with his three-year-old son, Nolan, on his back! HLN's Mike Galanos has more.
Resident finds jellyfish in ...

Resident finds jellyfish in ...

Jellyfish were found in a freshwater lake in Wisconsin. CNN affiliate WBAY has more.

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