NY Education

RFP Posted: Assessment of Homeless ...

RFP Posted: Assessment of Homeless Education Programming for McKinney-Vento Grantee Districts

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) is seeking proposals to design and conduct a statewide assessment of homeless education programs supported by McKinney-Vento grant funding. The study will focus on promising features of program implementation at the LEA level; outcomes for students experiencing homelessness; and academic and social-emotional program supports and resources provided by NYSED’s Homeless Education current technical assistance vendor, NYS-TEACHS.
News and Notes: New Professional De...

News and Notes: New Professional Development Materials

News and Notes: New Professional Development Materials
Funding Opportunity: 2014-15 Title ...

Funding Opportunity: 2014-15 Title I School Improvement Section 1003(a) - Basic School Improvement Grant Application

Section 1003(a) of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) requires that State Education Agencies allocate funds to Local Education Agencies (LEAs) for Title I Priority and Focus Schools to meet the progress goals in their District Comprehensive Improvement Plan and School Comprehensive Education Plan(s) (DCIP/SCEP) and thereby improve student performance. These funds are to be used to support implementation of school improvement activities identified through the Diagnostic Tool for School and District Effectiveness (DTSDE) reviews or a school review with district oversight and included in the DCIP/SCEP.
RFP Posted: Special Education Media...

RFP Posted: Special Education Mediation Technical Assistance Center

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) P-12 Office of Special Education is seeking proposals to provide annual training to approximately 125 individuals who serve as New York State special education mediators, promote the use of special education mediation, provide reimbursement of mediation administrative costs to the State’s twenty one (21) Community Dispute Resolution Centers (CDRCs) and to collect and report data on the number and type of special education mediation sessions conducted throughout the State. NYSED seeks applicants for mediation training (Part I) with documented experience and expertise in alternative dispute resolution processes in special education and for data collection (Part II) with demonstrated experience in the collection and reporting of statewide data.
RFP Posted: State Performance Plan ...

RFP Posted: State Performance Plan Indicator 8; Parent Survey for Special Education Consumer Satisfaction

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) Office of Special Education is seeking proposals for the distribution, collection and analysis of a parent survey relating to special education.
RFP Posted: Evaluation of Categoric...

RFP Posted: Evaluation of Categorical Bilingual Education Programs

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) is seeking proposals to design, develop, and conduct evaluations of all Categorical Bilingual Education Programs funded by New York State and managed by the Office of Bilingual Education and Foreign Language Studies (OBE-FLS). The selected vendor will design and develop protocols to assess implementation and effectiveness of all programs. Due to the variety of goals and objectives of each program to be evaluated, in addition to protocols that can be used for all programs (demographic data, evaluation elements that are common to all programs, etc.), each program is likely to also require evaluation components that are specific to that program’s evaluation (See Attachment C).


Essay on dealing with rejection in ...

Essay on dealing with rejection in academic career

Nate Kreuter considers the realities of rejection -- and dealing with rejection -- in academic careers.

Essay on the importance of tracking...

Essay on the importance of tracking Ph.D. career paths

Melanie Sinche writes that there may finally be momentum for gathering data crucial to helping doctoral students understand their opportunities.


Essay on how tenure-track faculty m...

Essay on how tenure-track faculty members should treat adjuncts

Patrick Iber, working off the tenure track, considers the basics on how those who have tenure-track security should treat those who don't.

Essay on how to succeed on academic...

Essay on how to succeed on academic job market while A.B.D.

Melissa Dennihy offers advice on how to juggle the tasks.

Essay on how to succeed on academic...

Essay on how to succeed on academic job market while A.B.D.

Melissa Dennihy offers advice on how to juggle the tasks.

Essay on how to get the most out of...

Essay on how to get the most out of a conference

Conference coming up? Mandi Stewart offers tips for making the most of it.

BBC News Education

Schools 'progressing too slowly'

Schools 'progressing too slowly'

There are "significant gaps" in raising standards in schools in England, a report by spending watchdog the National Audit Office says.
Private school graduates 'earn more...

Private school graduates 'earn more'

UK graduates who went to private schools earn thousands of pounds more, on average, than those who were state-educated, research finds.
Hidden school costs worry families

Hidden school costs worry families

Millions of UK families struggle to meet the extra costs of a state education, suggests research carried out by young people.
Morgan: I'd vote for gay marriage n...

Morgan: I'd vote for gay marriage now

Nicky Morgan, the education secretary and equalities minister, says she has changed her mind and now supports same-sex marriage.
School tests 'causing pupil stress'

School tests 'causing pupil stress'

Annual school tests for children aged seven to 14 are causing so much stress some pupils are refusing to go to school, a survey finds.
Children 'lacking trust' in police

Children 'lacking trust' in police

Children and young people have a "profound lack of trust" in the police, bordering on fear in some cases, a report by MPs and peers suggests.

US Govt Dept of Education

Investing in Evidence: Funding Game...

Investing in Evidence: Funding Game-Changing Evaluations

What major evaluations could have the biggest impact on preschool through Grade 12 (P-12) education?providing information that could drive significant improvement in the ways that teachers, principals, and policymakers provide education to American students?
U.S. Department of Education Announ...

U.S. Department of Education Announces Resolution of South Orange-Maplewood, N.J., School District Civil Rights Investigation

The U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights (OCR) announced today that it has entered into an agreement with the School District of South Orange & Maplewood, New Jersey, to resolve a compliance review that examined whether black students are provided an equal opportunity to access and participate in advanced and higher-level learning opportunities.
A Deeper Shade of Green: A District...

A Deeper Shade of Green: A District Sustainability Plan Encompasses Facilities, Operations, and Instruction

Note: The U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools program recognizes schools, districts and postsecondary institutions that are 1) reducing environmental impact and costs; 2) improving health and wellness; and 3) teaching environmental education.
Know It 2 Own It: National Disabili...

Know It 2 Own It: National Disability Employment Month

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month!
Why I?m a Principal, Not a Statisti...

Why I?m a Principal, Not a Statistic

As October, National Principals Month, comes to an end, I cannot help but to reflect upon what led me into the principalship.
35 States and Puerto Rico Submit Ap...

35 States and Puerto Rico Submit Applications for New Preschool Development Grants Competition to Increase Access to High-Quality Preschool Programs

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell announced today that 35 states and Puerto Rico have applied for grants under the new $250 million Preschool Development Grants program (See list below).


Toronto schools reject tie-up with ...

Toronto schools reject tie-up with China's Confucius Institute

By Andrea Hopkins TORONTO (Reuters) - Canada's largest school district ended a planned partnership with China's government-funded Confucius Institute on Wednesday, a move likely to irritate Beijing just days before Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is expected to visit. Trustees at the Toronto District School Board, which oversees public schools with 232,000 students, severed its ties to the language and cultural program after parents, teachers and students protested against any involvement of the Chinese government in Canadian schools. ...
U.S. education department gets toug...

U.S. education department gets tougher on for-profit colleges

(Reuters) - The U.S. Department of Education will introduce stricter regulations next year in its latest attempt to improve the job prospects of those graduating from for-profit colleges and universities. Under new regulations unveiled on Thursday and effective July 1, for-profit colleges will be at risk of losing federal aid should a typical graduate's annual loan repayments exceed 20 percent of discretionary income or 8 percent of total earnings. This is lower than the current threshold of 30 percent of discretionary income and 12 percent of total earnings. The U.S. ...
For-profit colleges face 'gainful e...

For-profit colleges face 'gainful employment' rule

WASHINGTON (AP) ? For-profit colleges that don't produce graduates capable of paying off their student loans could soon face the wrath of the federal government.
College Students Around the U.S. Ar...

College Students Around the U.S. Are Carrying Mattresses to Fight Campus Rape

College students across the country are dragging some baggage behind them today. As part of the Carry That Weight National Day of Action against campus sexual assault, students are taking mattresses, pillows, and blankets with them to class.
NJ students' experiment destroyed i...

NJ students' experiment destroyed in rocket blast

NJ students' experiment destroyed in rocket blastOcean City High School students watched as a space-supply rocket exploded moments after liftoff in Virginia. An experiment they had designed was on board.

Connecticut school defends keeping ...

Connecticut school defends keeping girl out over Ebola fears

By David Ingram (Reuters) - A Connecticut school superintendent on Wednesday defended the decision to keep a 7-year-old girl out of class for three weeks out of concern that the girl might have contracted Ebola while attending a wedding in Nigeria. Elizabeth Feser, superintendent of the Milford public schools, denied allegations that the girl's family made on Tuesday in a federal anti-discrimination lawsuit that asked that she be allowed back into school. ...


Privately educated graduates earn m...

Privately educated graduates earn more - even with the same qualifications and job

Graduates from state schools earn less than their private school counterparts - even if they leave university with the same degree in the same subject and go into the same occupation.

Premium paid for houses near top st...

Premium paid for houses near top state schools soars (with dearest and 'best value' top 10s)

More than a million parents will be forced to negotiate a ?minefield? as they seek school places for their children, a parents' leader has warned - with some prepared to pay a £500,000 "premium" on houses that are closest to the most desirable school.

Premium paid for houses near top st...

Premium paid for houses near top state schools soars

More than a million parents will be forced to negotiate a ?minefield? as they seek school places for their children, a parents' leader has warned - with some prepared to pay a £500,000 "premium" on houses that are closest to the most desirable school.

Baroness Kidron interview: ?Childre...

Baroness Kidron interview: ?Children?s online safety is too vital to leave to Government?

First, an outburst. Baroness (Beeban) Kidron, who directed Renée Zellweger in her second movie outing as Bridget Jones, is horrified at the fuss stirred up over the actress?s face.

From the City to the classroom: ex-...

From the City to the classroom: ex-financier wins teaching prize

A City finance worker who took a £40,000 pay cut to pursue greater job satisfaction in the classroom has been named one of the best teachers in Britain.

Villagers act to evict flagship Sik...

Villagers act to evict flagship Sikh free school

A Buckinghamshire village is taking legal action to evict one of the Government?s flagship free schools, which aims to caters for up to 850 Sikh pupils .

Education Week

Lieutenant gov's race upends tradit...

Lieutenant gov's race upends traditional alliances

Ruling expected Friday in charter s...

Ruling expected Friday in charter schools lawsuit

State education chief sent to Wauke...

State education chief sent to Waukegan amid strike

Gun control barely an issue as US e...

Gun control barely an issue as US elections near

Kansas students try to 'break' test...

Kansas students try to 'break' testing system

State board slows education commiss...

State board slows education commissioner search


The Role of Campus Leadership in En...

The Role of Campus Leadership in Ensuring IT Accessibility

“Everyone should have an opportunity to participate in higher education.”

With those words, Michael K. Young, President of the University of Washington, opens a new video from his institution’s AccessComputing Project, IT Accessibility: What Campus Leaders Have to Say. Developed with support from the National Science Foundation, this video presents university presidents, chief information officers, and other higher education leaders who stress the importance to higher education of accessibility for persons with disabilities, and of having campus technology environments that support it.

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The Game is Changing. What Will Be ...

The Game is Changing. What Will Be Expected of You?

“When we were doing our studies for the National Academies, the typical first response of university presidents or CFOs or provosts was to say: ‘I understand things are changing very rapidly, but I'll ask my CIO to take care of it. The CIO usually can.’ We would then ask: ‘Suppose you wake up in the morning and come in to your office and nothing works anymore. You can't access e-mail. All of your course systems have collapsed. Who fixes the problem?’ They begin to scratch their heads, and pretty soon it's like the five phases of grief. They start off with denial and anger, move through bargaining and depression, and finally reach acceptance.” — James J. Duderstadt, Change and the Research University

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The Top-Ten IT Issues, 2012

The Top-Ten IT Issues, 2012

EDUCAUSE Top 10 IT Issues, 2012

The EDUCAUSE annual publication of top IT issues has long resonated as a yearly snapshot of the most pressing issues for IT leaders in higher education. At the top of list for 2012:

Updating IT professionals’ skills and roles to accommodate emerging technologies and changing IT management and service delivery models Supporting the trends toward IT consumerization and bring-your-own device Developing an institution-wide cloud strategy


Below are the EDUCAUSE Review article summarizing the IT Issues Panel's findings for 2012 and accompanying resources.

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Tune In June 5 -- Rolling Out a BYO...

Tune In June 5 -- Rolling Out a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Program

This free hour-long session, “Rolling Out a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Program,” will offer ideas, sample policy statements and guidelines, and lessons learned for campuses interested in implementing a BYOD strategy for mobile devices on campus.

Those unable to attend may wish to visit the archives after the event or browse related resources.

Interact on Twitter at #EDULive.

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Get Involved with EDUCAUSE -- Volun...

Get Involved with EDUCAUSE -- Volunteer Submissions Are Due June 1

As someone who has a vested interest in higher education IT, you are part of a dynamic and close-knit community where we share new ideas, network with peers, and work toward the common good of the profession.

EDUCAUSE provides opportunities to be an active member by volunteering in a variety of roles, either short- or long-term, throughout the year. These opportunities include:

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Is Agile the Future of Project Mana...

Is Agile the Future of Project Management?

Gartner predicts that by the end of 2012, agile development methods will be used on 80 percent of all software development projects. Project Management Institute’s research shows that agile project management tripled from December 2008 to May 2011, and can help decrease product defects, improve team productivity, and increase business value.

Read the latest article release on agile project management from the Project Management Institute.

To help you apply project management processes at your organization, EDUCAUSE members have access to a selection of professional development resources:

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Mother Upset After School Vaccinate...

Mother Upset After School Vaccinates Her Son Without Her Permission

Letisha Huff wants the West Ada School District to know that "these are our children, they're not guinea pigs." This month, according to KTVB News, Huff's third-grade son was given a seasonal flu vaccine without her permission at a school-located vaccination clinic (SLVC) at Prospect Elementary in Meridian, Idaho. The school hosted the clinic as part of a trial flu-vaccination program in the district. All students under 18 are supposed to have a parental consent form in order to receive the vaccine. "This isn't something we should be practicing. They should know what they're doing," Huff said to KTVB News. Eric Exline, spokesman for the West Ada School District, told The Huffington Post that there was a "misidentification." A classmate of Huff's son has the same name. Huff's son was given a vaccination based on the other student's parental consent form. Huff is not anti-vaccine and her son was not ultimately harmed, she told KTVB, but she had wanted him to be vaccinated in a doctor's office. Aside from this one mistake, the West Ada School District has been seeing remarkable results from its SLVC program. The program began last year in five schools, where participation averaged about 40 percent, and this year it was extended to nine elementary schools and one high school. Tom Shanahan, a spokesman for the Idaho Department of Health, told HuffPost that the schools "need to work with a prescriber" to obtain the vaccines and "for their professional oversight." Prescribers include physicians, nurse practitioners and pharmacists. The vaccines are provided through the federal Vaccines for Children program. The first year of the SLVC trial cost the district $0, according to a West Ada School District report. The school district has good reason to try to make seasonal flu vaccinations more accessible to children. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "influenza causes more hospitalizations and deaths among American children than any other vaccine preventable disease." West Ada's report on the first year of the trial program noted that "significantly lower absenteeism due to flu-like illness was found across SLVC schools following student vaccination effort." Among the five schools that year, there was an average of 33.7 more students attending school daily, adding up to 6,065 more days of school attended. "If you took the results of the study last year and applied them across the district ... that, at least theoretically, could result in an increase of almost 79,920 more days attended," Exline said. Higher average daily attendance isn't just good for students' education; it also helps the district financially. That theoretical increase in average daily attendance could increase funding for West Ada schools by $1.4 million per year -- money that, Exline noted, could be used for hiring teachers, buying books and simply turning on the lights. The West Ada School District also tries to make the vaccination process less upsetting for children by offering the "mist" nasal spray rather than the needle injection. The mist prevents against four strains of the flu. Not to mention, as Exline remarked, with mist vaccination, "there's less crying."
Tensions Flare In Illinois After Sc...

Tensions Flare In Illinois After School Board Member Tells Parents To 'Shut Up'

Tensions surrounding a four-week teachers strike in an Illinois school district escalated this week, after a school board member told community members to ?sit down and shut up.? A packed crowd at the Waukegan High School auditorium for a school board meeting Tuesday night grew agitated after board members announced they would allow only 45 minutes for public comment, according to video. In response to jeers, school board member Victoria Torres leapt off the stage and into the crowd, where she scolded teachers and parents. "Alright, let's go! I'm a parent too! Yeah, sit down and shut up. Yeah, shut up!" Torres told the crowd. The meeting ended soon after that, putting further strain on a situation that has kept about 17,000 students in one of Illinois? largest communities out of school for weeks. Torres apologized for her behavior in a statement released by the district on Wednesday. ?The tensions of the past few weeks, as well as the personal attacks on my character, my family and my actions, have been nearly unbearable. In the chaos of the Board meeting, where we couldn?t even hear the person next to us, I felt attacked and lost my temper,? said Torres in the statement. The president of the school board, Anita Hanna, said in that statement: ?While we have all felt the pressure of tense negotiations over the past few weeks, we have a responsibility to act as leaders we want our children to admire.? Neither Torres nor Hanna could not be reached for additional comment. The mayor called on Torres to resign. ?Her conduct was unacceptable, unnecessary, unprofessional; and I think the only thing she should do now is resign her position,? Waukegan Mayor Wayne Motley told a local CBS outlet. ?I will contact the board members. I think that she set negotiations back two weeks.? Gov. Pat Quinn (D) on Wednesday directed the chairman of the state board of education, Gery Chico, to help facilitate the negotiations and end the strike. Talks resumed Wednesday morning. "Students in Waukegan need to get back to school and we need both sides to work together to get it done now," Quinn said in a statement, according to The Daily Herald. Kenzo Shibata, media director for the Illinois Federation of Teachers, told The Huffington Post that the teachers union and school board were close to a a deal earlier this week. But since the school board meeting, he said, the disagreements have widened. ?Things kind of blew up today,? said Shibata. He noted that school board members have not been present at any negotiating sessions. Shibata said that Waukegan has unusually high teacher turnover, and that teachers are underpaid compared to other similar districts. "I have been saying this from the beginning, this is not about financial solvency -? this is about certain members of the Board punishing teachers for taking a stand,? Waukegan Teachers' Council President Kathy Schwarz said in a statement. "It's beyond time that issues get resolved, and the Board's negotiation team hopes that they can build off positive talks with the Union and reach an accord soon," a school district representative said in a statement to The Huffington Post. Waukegan, located near Lake Michigan about halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee, has a majority of students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch. According to U.S. News and World Report, only about 20 percent of Waukegan High School students are proficient in math and reading.
Does Child-like Thinking Produce In...

Does Child-like Thinking Produce Innovative Designs?

2014-10-30-Mumbaistudentssmall.jpg We all marvel at the creativity of children because they are full of energy, uninhibited and inquisitive. When they draw, the worlds they invent make us smile with pride. Are children naturally more innovative than adults and, if so, does that help to make them great designers? We invited eighty of the fifth through eighth grade students from Nalanda Public School in Mumbai (part of the Clinton Global Initiative), India and sixty experienced design professionals from Seoul, Hong Kong and Copenhagen to create innovative concepts. The students were asked to design backpacks for students living in Copenhagen, Denmark and their designs were then compared with that of the designers, who had been asked to design a wide range of consumer products. To gain an overview of the creativity of the two groups, we then positioned their concepts in a Market - Technology risk matrix. From this vantage, we could see that the students mainly came up with incremental concepts, while the designers were generating a wider range of breakthrough market and technology innovations. 2014-10-30-childrenprofesionalcreativity.jpg The fact that children mainly think up incremental designs probably comes as no surprise. Design is a recombination of existing elements and children, by virtue of their youth, have yet to build up a knowledge base of other's needs, wants and desires. They are also only in the early beginning stages of gaining an understanding of the solutions available to fulfill these desires. The students' lack of knowledge and experience with other cultures meant they projected their own needs onto others. For example, they proposed backpacks with special holders for cricket bats and air-conditioning, although Danes do not play cricket and the Nordic weather certainly does not require any more cooling. Their limited understanding of technology resulted in designs with jetpacks strapped to the backpacks. One group of students envisioned Danish children jetting through Copenhagen on their way to school. The jetpack idea may have come from the successful Indian space program or an animated Hollywood movie however; this idea took hold like wildfire among the student group. The findings imply that education and life experience do make for more creative thinking. Would a design education then be wasted on elementary school students? Not necessarily... With hindsight, it becomes apparent that learning about the design process, brainstorming and mind mapping in elementary school, rather than waiting until college, could have been of tremendous benefit in my own early academic career. Judging from the energy and enthusiasm the Mumbai students displayed during their two-hour long design session - children thrive on design challenges. They love to learn new things and translate them into ideas of their own. Their sketches exuded passion and joy, something that can only help them in the future at becoming the very best that they can be in their chosen fields of endeavor. It is important to keep a child-like innocence and open-mindedness throughout one's life. However, years of learning are required in order that one's contribution to change in the world be breakthrough and not simply incremental. In order to "Be the change that you wish to see in the world" (Mahatma Gandhi), building knowledge and experience about the social sciences as well as the natural sciences, may offer one the best chance of a successful contribution to life.
Does Greek Life Cost Too Much?

Does Greek Life Cost Too Much?

The New York Times recently looked at the expense of joining a sorority. They spoke with sorority girls about incurring fines, the price of big/little week, and dues that could double as rent in some cities. As a former sorority girl, looking at the numbers is shocking, even though I experienced them. Now that I?m a struggling postgrad, would I like that money back to spend on groceries instead of crafts? Absolutely. Would I trade my experience in my sorority for the chance to have some extra money after rent? No. It?s that simple. While I won?t say college was the best four years of my life because I don?t want to have peaked too soon, I will say that my sorority helped make me who I am in every way. Yes, I do think the price tag is absolutely ridiculous now that I?m an adult woman with bills to pay, but that doesn?t mean I discount the benefits that came with the high price of sisterhood.
15 Things That Are Way More Fun To ...

15 Things That Are Way More Fun To Look At Than Your SAT Scores

Ever since the October SAT scores were posted online yesterday, Twitter has been in standardized testing overdrive. But no matter how many times you double-check your score, tweet about it or compare it with all your friends' scores, the numbers are going to stay the same -- at least, for now. What you really need is a break from the gloom and doom of standardized testing. And since it's scientifically proven(ish) that you can't be unhappy when you're looking at cute animal GIFs, we've gathered some of our favorite, heart-melting Internet distractions for you. Here are 15 things you should look at instead of your SAT scores (again). 1. A piece of pizza wearing a cat in outer space. TK gifs cw-.Tumblr.com It's an intergalatic kitten pizza party. 2. Peek-a-Boo, as played by a dog. TK gifs LittleAnimalGifs.Tumblr.com The cutie pie's never lost a game. 3. One little duckling on race day. TK gifs Senor Gif This duckling didn't let his SAT scores stop him from pursuing his dreams. 4. And his lazier buddy. Imgur user Kansas Kansas He does his cardio in his dreams. 5. A sleep-deprived bunny falling asleep at his desk, presumably after cramming to hard for his own standardized test. TK gifsHilarious Gifs Ugh, the writing section, am I right?? 6. A bulldog whose belly rolls make life challengingly adorable. TK gifsLittleAnimalGifs.Tumblr.com He's a really creative thinker, but you'd never know that from his SAT scores. 7. A story of friendship between two cats, with an unexpected ending. Youtube user Mugumogu In the sequel GIF, they go on an adventure to recover an enchanted ring. 8. Pandas bro'ing out on the playground. Image and video hosting by HilariousGIFs.com Hilarious Gifs "Yo bro, watch me go!" *Belly flops* 9. A kitten and his pet teddy bear (or vice versa.) funny gifs Gif Bin Guess which one hogs the bed. 10. This dog's noble attempt to play catch. TK gifs Giflinger.Tumblr.com 'Cause if at first you don't succeed, look really, really cute. 11. And this bunny's ability to cope well with defeat. TK gifs Gifrific He didn't even really want to climb that anyway. 12. One dog's desire to be a taco when he grows up. TK gifs Abricate.Soup.io Fake it 'till you make it. 13. A penguin who can't even with all the snow. TK gifs Gfy Cat You should see her on Christmas. 14. This baby refusing to enjoy his dog's kisses. TK gifs Suburban Bullies He secretly loves the attention. 15. One future Olympic gymnast bunny. TK gifs DonSnoopy.Tumblr.com We give her a 5 for form. If you're still feeling stressed out about your scores, try one of our 10-minute stress relievers in the slideshow. Follow HuffPost Teen on Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr | Pheed |
States Should Spend Less on Prisons...

States Should Spend Less on Prisons, More on Schools

The huge growth in state prison populations in recent decades has created mounting budget challenges for states, our new report explains. State economies would be much stronger over time if states invested more in education and other areas that can boost long-term economic growth and less in maintaining extremely high prison populations. If states were still spending on corrections what they spent in the mid-1980s, adjusted for inflation, they would have about $28 billion more each year that they could spend on more productive investments or a mix of investments and tax reductions. Most states' prison populations are at historic highs; in 36 states, the prison population has more than tripled as a share of state population since 1978. This growth, which continued even after crime rates fell substantially in the 1990s, has been costly. Corrections spending rose in every state between 1986 and 2013, after adjusting for inflation (see graph below), climbing from $20 billion nationally to over $47 billion. Corrections spending is now the third-largest category of spending in most states, behind education and health care. At the same time, states are under-investing in educating children and young adults, especially those in high-poverty neighborhoods. At least 30 states are providing less general funding per student this year for K-12 schools than before the recession, after adjusting for inflation; in 14 states, the reduction exceeds 10 percent. Higher education cuts have been even deeper: the average state has cut higher education funding per student by 23 percent since the recession hit, after adjusting for inflation. Eleven states spent more of their general funds on corrections than on higher education in 2013. Moreover, some states with the biggest education cuts in recent years are among those with the nation's highest incarceration rates. States can reduce their incarceration rates -- without harming public safety -- through such reforms as reclassifying low-level felonies to misdemeanors where appropriate, expanding the use of alternatives to prison (such as fines and victim restitution), and eliminating prison sentences for technical violations of parole/probation where no new crime was committed. And they could use the freed-up funds in a number of ways, such as expanding access to high-quality preschool, reducing class sizes in high-poverty schools, and revising state funding formulas to invest more in high-poverty neighborhoods. (We'll discuss these criminal justice and education reforms in more detail in future posts.) The savings from criminal justice reforms wouldn't fully finance the increased education investments needed, partly because states will likely spend much of the savings elsewhere. But reordering state priorities away from maintaining large prison populations and toward investing in human capital will pay off over the long term. 2014-10-29-102814spfR4.png


Is that BS/MD Program a Guaranteed ...

Is that BS/MD Program a Guaranteed Program?

There is a lot of confusion with BS/MD programs and the word “guaranteed”. I have had several administrators of BS/MD programs tell me that their program is not guaranteed.  So, what does it mean when I say that a program has a guaranteed acceptance into medical school? It means that under normal circumstances, once you...Continue Reading >

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Do You Need to Apply to a Safety Co...

Do You Need to Apply to a Safety College?

I just read an article on another site that argued that it is easier now to get into a selective college than it was 30 years ago. The argument is that some selective colleges have added seats in the last 30 years and some colleges that didn’t use to be selective now are so those...Continue Reading >

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When to Submit Different Parts of t...

When to Submit Different Parts of the College Application?

This time of year I get many questions about when the different parts of the application need to be submitted. For instance, what happens if a recommendation letter gets sent before the application?  As it happens, the answer is very simple. It does not matter one bit the order in which colleges get different parts...Continue Reading >

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What College Should You Apply to Ea...

What College Should You Apply to Early Decision?

I sometimes have students ask this time of year which college they should apply to early decision. And the answer is simple. None. Don’t get me wrong. Early decision can be a great choice for some students. If you have found a college that you really love, and you have done your homework looking at...Continue Reading >

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I Have One Opening for a BS/MD Seni...

I Have One Opening for a BS/MD Senior Applicant

In the past 3 months I have had a number of seniors call wanting to work with me on BS/MD admissions. Unfortunately, I have been completely booked with current seniors. Until today. I just had a student drop out and I have one opening for a senior. The opening is for help with all aspects...Continue Reading >

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What Does a Good Resume Look Like?

What Does a Good Resume Look Like?

For those of you who have been regular readers of the blog, this may seem like a strange post. Colleges don’t typically want to see a resume and I discourage them in most instances. But… Once in a while a college asks for a resume. So, for those instances, what should you put on a...Continue Reading >

RSS Feed Content © Todd Johnson and College Admissions PartnersWhat Does a Good Resume Look Like?

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