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Making An Independent Decision

Making An Independent Decision

I am not an avid NBA fan, but I keep up with the game and know most of the key players and top teams. Clearly LeBron James is the dominate player in the NBA today. What’s interesting to me, is the decision he made a few years ago to leave Cleveland and take his skills [...]
Fiercely Loyal: How High Performing...

Fiercely Loyal: How High Performing Companies Develop and Retain Top Talent

by D§v Baron The number one problem facing business today is loss of top talent. Ninety-one percent of Millennials?those workers born between 1980 and 2004?expect to stay in their current job fewer than three years. Companies can?t afford that kind of turnover as many studies show that the total cost of losing an employee can [...]


DSN Newswire Live Happy Magazine Invites Dallas Residents to Make their Mark with the #HappyActs Challenge Three years ago the United Nations established March 20 as the International Day of Happiness. Live Happy, the magazine driven by a mission to make the world a happier place joined in and led the largest awareness campaign, to [...]
Representative Yvonne Davis Announc...

Representative Yvonne Davis Announces $500,000 2015-2016 Urban Scholarship Fund

DSN Newswire State Representative Yvonne Davis (D-Dallas) announced that over $500,000 in scholarships are available for high school graduates from Dallas and twenty eight other urban areas throughout Texas. Administrated by the Texas Association of Developing Colleges (TADC), the Urban Scholarship Program was created during the 74th Legislative session as part of House Bill 2128 [...]
The Quick Guide On How To Price You...

The Quick Guide On How To Price Your Ebook

By Kim Staflund Amazon Vs. Kobo: Which Is Better For Price And Value? Last year, a major milestone was reached in the ebook industry: self-published authors began taking home the bulk of all author earnings generated on Amazon.com, eclipsing those represented by major traditional publishers. There has never been more opportunity in human history to [...]
$30.5M in ?Face Forward? grants ava...

$30.5M in ?Face Forward? grants available to help youth with juvenile records

DSN Newswire The initiative?s third phase continues program?s progress with helping youth gain job skills and start new careers. Youth who have been in the juvenile justice system often face numerous challenges as they attempt to enter the workforce and become productive citizens. The stigma that a juvenile record carries can close doors before they [...]


Fish Tours The Fan Dulce Vida Beach...

Fish Tours The Fan Dulce Vida Beach House

The Fan's Mike Fisher was one of the first to step foot in our sweet-sweet beach house in California.
Dan?s Monday KRLD Weather Forecast ...

Dan?s Monday KRLD Weather Forecast ? July 24, 2017

Welcome rain overnight! PERFECT timing, while we were sleeping! Some areas saw 3.00?, while other saw NADA!
Jerry Jones Backs Elliott, Puts On ...

Jerry Jones Backs Elliott, Puts On Pre-Camp Show For Cowboys

Jerry Jones interjected some bad-boy anecdotes from his youth, smiled at the thought of life before social media and even asked a couple of questions himself Sunday at hisáannual training camp opener with reportersá.
Phelps Loses By 2 Seconds To Simula...

Phelps Loses By 2 Seconds To Simulated Shark In ?Shark Week?

Michael Phelps has finally met his match in the water: a "great white shark." The Olympian was bested during the Discovery Channel's Shark Week special "Phelps vs. Shark: Great Gold vs. Great White."
Comic-Con Hits: ?Black Panther,? Ba...

Comic-Con Hits: ?Black Panther,? Batman, ?Stranger Things?

From "Black Panther" to Batman, "Stranger Things" to "Blade Runner 2049," and "Ready Player One" to Rep. John Lewis, Comic-Con had something for almost every pop-culture appetite.
Dempsey Record Goal, Assist Leads U...

Dempsey Record Goal, Assist Leads US Into Gold Cup Final

Dempsey fed Jozy Altidore for the go-ahead goal not long after entering, then scored on a free kick to match Landon Donovan with his 57th international goal Saturday night in a 2-0 semifinal win over Costa Rica.


Truckers, Immigrants Detail the Hum...

Truckers, Immigrants Detail the Human Smuggling Struggle

Sunday's human smuggling deaths in San Antonio call attention to a problem, one Dallas trucker said has been going on for years. He tells NBC 5 it's a problem that's difficult to stop, Sunday July 23, 2017.

News 8 mins ago 7:49 p.m.DPD in sta...

News 8 mins ago 7:49 p.m.DPD in standoff at North Dallas apartment complex

Dallas Police and SWAT units are working a barricaded person call Sunday evening at an apartment complex in the 5400 block of Peterson Lane in North Dallas near the Galleria Mall. Dallas Police confirmed this ongoing standoff, but were unable to provide additional information at this time.

Few US cities mandate sprinklers in...

Few US cities mandate sprinklers in old residential towers

Across the United States, there is a mixed bag... . FILE - In this March 24, 2009 file photo, lights shine from high-rise buildings in New York.

Buy Chipotle Stock Amid Recent Outb...

Buy Chipotle Stock Amid Recent Outbreak Fears

Chipotle is a company that has been embroiled with investor fear due to the various food-related illnesses highlighted in recent news. Investors who recall the E. coli outbreak in late 2015 understand the negative impact that such headlines can create.

12-year-old boy shot in mouth by te...

12-year-old boy shot in mouth by teen playing with gun, police say

A 12-year-old boy was shot in the mouth early Saturday by a teenager who was fooling around with a handgun in southeast Oak Cliff. police said.

Here's What You Need to Be Eating (...

Here's What You Need to Be Eating (And Drinking) in Deep Ellum Right Now

There's so much opening up over there that it's hard to keep up - but we can help. Here are four things you need to eat and drink in the city's foodiest neighborhood of the moment.


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